Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the bloody CIA-backed military coup that toppled the popularly-elected government in Chile. This bloody day would usher in  decades of abductions, torture and murder under the military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet that sought to eliminate any resistance, either tactical or philosophical, to its violent reign. By the time Pinochet lost power in 1990, causalities included well known names like President Salvador Allende and musician and poet Victor Jara as well as tens of thousands students, artists, writers and other proponents of liberation.

In honor of those who lost their lives to violence and repression, the Freedom Archives has compiled a short list of integral footage, recordings and articles that provide context behind the bloody day as well as firsthand accounts of individuals who witnessed the events firsthand. Check out our interview from Isabel Allende from 2013. Spanish version here.

From the Berkeley Barb:

The Coup and the Gringos (1975)

Audio Documentary:

Chile: The Promise of Freedom Part 1

Chile: The Promise of Freedom Part 2

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