We’re very excited to have resumed our internship program this summer and want to share Olivia and Riya’s dynamic projects.

Olivia created a dynamic Prezi which engages the history of anti-colonial struggle in Ireland, Hawaii and West Papua. There’s alot of great resources included in this presentation and an important thematic focus on the significance of land and land reclamation.

Olivia’s Prezi: https://prezi.com/view/muqRF1aWG1mjOOnsPcJZ/


Riya created a video focused on the many ways women have been fighting back against unjust incarceration and atrocious prison treatment for decades. Her production engages some of the reasons behind the rising rate of women’s incarceration, conditions they face inside of prison and how women have organized and resisted the oppressive prison system.

We so appreciated Olivia and Riya’s work, their unique perspectives and ideas and seeing their growth over the course of the summer. Thank you both!!