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There are many ways to search the collections of the Freedom Archives. Below is a brief guide that will help you conduct effective searches. Note, anytime you search for anything in the Freedom Archives, the first results that appear will be our digitized items. Information for items that have yet to be scanned or yet to be digitized can still be viewed, but only by clicking on the show link that will display the hidden (non-digitized) items. If you are interested in accessing these non-digitized materials, please email
Exploring the Collections without the Search Bar
Under the heading Browse By Collection, you’ll notice most of the Freedom Archives’ major collections. These collections have an image as well as a short description of what you’ll find in that collection. Click on that image to instantly explore that specific collection.
Basic Searching
You can always type what you’re looking for into the search bar. Certain searches may generate hundreds of results, so sometimes it will help to use quotation marks to help narrow down your results. For instance, searching for the phrase Black Liberation will generate all of our holdings that contain the words Black and Liberation, while searching for “Black Liberation” (in quotation marks) will only generate our records that have those two words next to each other.
Advanced Searching
The Freedom Archives search site also understands Boolean search logic. Click on this link for a brief tutorial on how to use Boolean search logic. Our search function also understands “fuzzy searches.” Fuzzy searches utilize the (*) and will find matches even when users misspell words or enter in only partial words for the search. For example, searching for liber* will produce results for liberation/liberate/liberates/etc.
Keyword Searches
You’ll notice that under the heading KEYWORDS, there are a number of words, phrases or names that describe content. Sometimes these are also called “tags.” Clicking on these words is essentially the same as conducting a basic search.

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Ahmed Obafemi & Eve Rosahn on the Sally O'Brien Show Ahmed Obafemi & Eve Rosahn on the Sally O'Brien Show
Date: 10/20/1985Call Number: PM 451AFormat: Cass AProgram: Sally O'Brien ShowCollection: Political Prisoner Periodicals
There is a buzzing noise for the first minute of the tape, however it eventually clears into a crisp sound quality. Tape also ends with music. This tape is of the Sally O'Brien show with guests Ahmed Obafemi and Eve Rosahn. Topics of discussion include the Brinks robbery and the aftermath, political prisoners and black liberation.
Arm the Spirit Arm the Spirit
Publisher: Haight - Ashbury Arts WorkshopYear: 1982Volume Number: No. 14 FallFormat: PeriodicalCollection: Prison Newspapers
Articles include: Support New African Freedom Fighters; The Necessity of Armed Fighters; From Sekou Odinga- New Afrikan Prisoner of War