Cover of Item with pictures of the faces of Jalil Muntiqim, Nuh Washington and David Gilbert

DVD includes four videos originally issued on three VHS videocassettes. Call Me Nuh (10 min.) is based on an interview with Nuh Washington in 1988 by Fiona Boneham and Paper Tiger TV and produced and edited by Lisa Rudman and Claude Marks in March, 2000. The Last Statement (10 min.) was recorded on March 21, 2000 for a tribute held April 22, 2000, shortly before Nuh Washington’s death. Voice of Liberation (20 min.) is based on an interview with Jalil Muntaqim in August 2000 by John O’Reilly and Nina Dibner and edited and produced in November 2002 by Eve Goldberg and Claude Marks. A Lifetime of Struggle (30 min.) is based on an interview with David Gilbert in July 1998 at Great Meadows Prison, Comstock, New York by Sam Green and Bill Siegel and edited in March 2002 by Claude Marks and Lisa Rudman.



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