Cover of Chile: Promise of Freedom

Chile: Promise of Freedom is a documentary and audio reflection on the September 11, 1973 military coup against the democratically-elected government of Salvador Allende. It features the voices of historic participants— including Isabel Allende, Ariel Dorfman, Isabel Letelier, Rene Castro and Joan Jara— who chronicle events surrounding the rise of the Allende-led Popular Unity Government, its violent overthrow by US-backed Chilean military forces, and the coup’s aftermath. Archival recordings include: the attack on the presidential palace, Allende’s speech at the UN, as well as remarks by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Chilean music and historic sound recordings bring this story to life for today’s listeners.

Project Production Team: Andres Alegria, Kim Davis, Claude Marks, Isabel Alegria, Daniel del Solar, Maria Alegria, Nina Serrano

Cover Art: Rene Castro — CD & Booklet Design: Francisco Letelier

Sound Mix: Greg Landau

Music selections include the work of: Congreso, Illapu, Inti Illimani, Fermin Muguruza, Alberto Cumplido Quilapayun, Santiago del Nuevo Extremo, and Victor Jara


1- The Coup                     10:12
2- Coup Background     12:08
3- The Repression         10:08
4- The Aftermath           10:03
5- Chile Today                  8:55
6- History’s Lessons     10:40

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