This timeline highlights key moments in various housing struggles from 1965-1977 using primary sources from the Freedom Archives’ collection as well as additional research. While predominately focused on the San Francisco Bay Area we have attempted to display the political unity and tactical resource sharing that was happening on a national level.



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Additional Resources from our friends at Shaping SF:

Resistance to Urban Renewal 1965–1977 (1965):


Yerba Buena and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (1965):


Hunters Point Rebellions (1966):


Mission Council on Redevelopment (MCOR) (1966):


First Eviction Notice Served to I-Hotel Residents (1968):


CANE (1973): (a photo of CANE)


The Gartland Fire (1975):!


A Tale of Two Faces: Sheriff Hongisto (1976):
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