Sifting through the archives today, I came across our La Lucha Continua collection which contains audio clips used in the La Lucha Continua Talking Mural (3260 23rd St. in San Francisco). At the mural, viewers can dial a number and enter an extension associated with each portrait of an important figure, and hear an audio clip by or about the revolutionary. The Freedom Archives collaborated with Susan Greene on this unique and innovative project which was completed in 2009.

La Lucha Continua Talking Mural located at 3260 23rd St – between Mission and Capp Streets in San Francisco.

Below are three dynamic audio clips from the archives used in the mural. Audre Lorde reading an excerpt from one of her poems “A Litany for Survival”; Judi Bari speaking on how she successfully organized timber workers and Maurice Bishop, a revolutionary leader from Grenada whose New Jewel Movement revolutionized the country before the US invaded the island in 1983.

Audre Lorde:


Judi Bari:


Maurice Bishop:


Check out the entire collection for more audio clips and keep tuned for new and exciting projects!