As we move into October, we are proud to announce the debut of our Free Speech Movement (FSM) collection. Often immortalized as one of the quintessential events of the 1960s, the Free Speech Movement remains a resounding example of young peoples’ ability to organize and challenge institutional structures of power, especially on college campuses. The Freedom Archives is in the privileged position to have a complete set of original reel to reel recordings from journalist Colin Edwards. From fall 1964-fall 1966, Colin generated over 60 tapes on the FSM, including interviews with students, faculty, administrators, other members of the media, and representatives from the local authorities; student rallies and campus meetings. These tapes provide a vibrant and layered context with which to understand the movement and allow listeners a dynamic way to engage the ideas, issues and personalities. Furthermore, these tapes represents an important historical shift to the dominant narrative that limits the free speech movement and its accomplishments to the work of a couple of well known students.

You can view our collection here. Check out a previous blog containing digitized audio from the FSM.

UC Berkeley is holding a number of events this week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the FSM. You can find more information about those events on their website.

And remember OUR 15th anniversary is on Thursday October 16th. Your support is crucial to our ability to continue this type of work. Join us or send a donation.