On March 8, 1971, a group of eight Vietnam War protestors broke into a FBI field office in Media, Pennsylvania and stole hundreds of government documents. The burglars were never caught but several are now stepping forward and claiming responsibility for the break in. The documents revealed for the first time that the FBI was targeting progressive and radical movements under a program called COINTELPRO. What’s not being reported now by the New York Times, NPR and the rest of the corporate media, is the level of violence unleashed by the government by the FBI and other government agencies.  These agencies have never fully accounted for nor have any agents ever been held responsible for assassinating, neutralizing or imprisoning their targets. Needless to say, political prisoners from that era continue to be kept in dungeons in the US. It continues to be our task to fight for their freedom and to expose the real nature of COINTELPRO. Check out our film – COINTELPRO 101 – which begins to unmask the government criminality first revealed by the Media, Pennsylvania break-in!