September 9-13th mark the 41st anniversary of the Attica Rebellion. This massive prison takeover by hundreds of inmates and the callous repression and murders by the state of New York are part of a unique moment in US history. The legacy of Attica and the fight for human rights is carried on in the prisons of Georgia, Ohio, California and wherever people are caged for years on end. Since Attica, prison conditions have steadily worsened and state repression in the form of control units and solitary confinement continue to proliferate. The exponential growth of prisons, largely comprised of people of color makes for a vastly different political climate today. Prison rebellions and prisoner resistance look very different today than they did in 1971. The struggles for human rights utilizing hunger strikes, clearly demonstrate that the spirit of the Attica Rebellion is still very much alive throughout the US, in Palestine and throughout the world. Check out our video on the Attica Rebellion that commemorates this legacy.