March 8th marks the 44th anniversary of the Media, Pennsylvania break-in that helped expose COINTELPRO to the world. The story received even more attention last year when after living with the information for 43 years, the eight anti-war activists who broke into the FBI field office, decided to come forward. For some, the identity of the burglars signaled the end of a 40 year mystery. However for the multitudes of people who lost friends and family members as a result of state sanctioned police violence, frame-ups and illegal prosecutions, COINTELPRO is still a very real part of their lives that continues past the media coverage. In addition to our documentary COINTELPRO 101, which is still shown in national and international spaces, we have a detailed collection focusing on the program as well as the efforts by grassroots organizers and activists to hold the FBI and other government agencies accountable.

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