Hello everyone, my name is Katie Hanks and I am a senior history major at University of San Francisco and an intern at the Freedom Archives. My concentration is in United States history which is part of the reason why I wanted to intern at the archives. On any given weekend you can find me searching for a new coffee spot in San Francisco or experimenting with vegan baking.

I started my internship in August and first cataloged a collection of Black Flag periodicals. Black Flag was an anarchist periodical published in England. I then ventured out to tackle a much bigger project… organizing, scanning, annotating and generally rejuvenate the Archives’ extensive collection on the Symbionese Liberation Army. This involved going through an entire filing cabinet filled with paper documents to organize and sort what materials would be included in the final collection. I then cataloged and scanned many of the materials, and generated a collection summary. I also helped in the lead up to their 15th year anniversary party!

My experience at the Freedom Archives has been life changing and one of the best opportunities I have received during my college career. I have thoroughly looked forward to engaging with Claude and Nathaniel each week I have interned here. They have taught me not only about cataloging but also about the material I have worked with. Their combined wealth of knowledge is amazing and I have loved picking their brains these past few months.

Beyond learning about the historical importance of materials, I was able to connect them to the present. Claude and Nathaniel do an excellent job creating a safe environment to express one’s opinions and it has helped me a lot in terms of figure out my own values. I do not think words can describe how wonderful it has been to work with Claude and Nathaniel and I am truly grateful for my time at the Archives. I will miss their company and the overall atmosphere of the Freedom Archives. I highly suggest checking out the work that is produced by the Freedom Archives and think about interning as well!

♥ Katie