One Hour Yard Poem

Marilyn Buck

[This poem is read on the CD by Dennis Brutus. MP3 of this poem]

I step from suffocating stillness
from dank cells and dead air
fleeting green trespasses
forbidding walls
teases my senses taunts prison's sucking yellow mouth

I am a pale shadowed genie
released from my cell
for one hour
I unwind to receive the coquettish day
I dance
under the blue-washed sky

high, thick-bodied walls cast aspersions
challenge the sun
concertina wire grins razor sharp

birds dance between the teeth

dandelions dig under
send feathery envoys into the breeze
defiant flora gains ground

a lone caterpillar inches
across concrete wasteland
careful, I let it pass
what pleasure watching caterpillar
travel forward
while I walk in circles

an hour in the sun

August 1990

poems © the authors
compilation © The Freedom Archives