After the Wave

Marilyn Buck

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letís take a walk
to remember the world
the earth that used to be
before syphilitic sirens soared

donít be afraid
itís only rubble now
rocks hunker behind torn-down trees
shriek their loss into the wind

donít be afraid of the wind
yes, a fire wave then
burned the breath
and flayed the citiesí flanks

the wind weeps now
drowns deathís sybarites
and cools scorched skeletons
memoryís wind clatters

donít be afraid
yes, we will die
but not today, letís leave
dreadís shoes in caves below

letís take a walk
if you do not come I will go alone
if I do not see the sky
I will die

                                                              May 2001

poems © the authors
compilation © The Freedom Archives