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[UPDATE] Free Ruchell Magee! Ruchell wanted to share some words to those 
of us on the outside ...



Ruchell wanted to share some words to those of us on the outside: “I’m 
still fighting to get the truth to the real people, who want growth in 
the human race! Truth is the right medicine. We must fight to WIN!”

On July 15, 2021, Ruchell “Cinque” Magee was denied parole for the 13th 
time. This December will mark 40 years since his first parole 
suitability hearing on December 17, 1981. Ruchell, who is currently 
82-years-old and has been incarcerated for 58 years, will not be 
eligible for parole again until July 2024. The parole board’s decision 
to delay any chance of parole until after Ruchell’s 85th birthday is 

Cinque is continuing the fight, and so must we. We are encouraging 
everyone who supports Ruchell to sign and share our petitions 
+ bit.ly/write4ruchell 
do an outreach session with flyers (email freeruchellmagee at gmail.com for 
a copy), create banners, hold public education events, bring this issue 
to the media, and do whatever else it takes to raise awareness about 
brother Ruchell’s decades of cruel treatment by this prison system.

We want to remind the world that Ruchell has been locked down for 58 
years stemming from a bogus charge of kidnapping to rob during an 
alleged $10 marijuana deal in 1963. Cinque was bound and gagged and 
betrayed by his own court-appointed attorney, like many Black defendants 
in the Jim Crow era and today. After the 1970 Marin County Courthouse 
Rebellion, where Ruchell attempted to liberate himself and speak 
directly to media since he was never given a fair trial, he was 
acquitted of murder charges but convicted of kidnapping. 58 years far 
exceeds the average punishment for kidnapping, which shows that 
Ruchell’s persecution is about his political views rather than any crime.

Time is not on our side - we don’t have 3 years to wait. We have far too 
often lost our elders, like Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald, at the hands of 
the state apparatus. Ruchell must be freed NOW!

      *_TAKE ACTION!_*


    to Free Ruchell Magee: https://bit.ly/freeruchell


    Requesting Commutation: https://bit.ly/write4ruchell

      *_IN THE NEWS…_*


    Check out the Coalition’s interview on I Mix What I Like with Jared
    (May 7)


    Coalition’s interview on By Any Means Necessary with Sean Blackmon
    and Jackie Luqman
    (May 6)


    Move the Crowd with Dr. Melina Abdullah
    (April 26)


    CBS Los Angeles coverage of the Press Conference on Facebook
    or YouTube
    (March 17)

      *_ON THE GROUND…_*


    Three rallies were held across California on March 17 to commemorate
    the longest-held political prisoner Ruchell “Cinque” Magee’s 82nd
    birthday. Ruchell received a tremendous outpouring of renewed
    support in his fight for freedom after 58 years of unjust imprisonment.


    Over 60 organizations, media outlets, and prominent individuals have
    endorsed the coalition’s call for Governor Gavin Newsom and L.A.
    District Attorney George Gascón to re-evaluate Magee’s unjust
    sentencing and set him free.


    LOS ANGELES: Watch the CBSN Los Angeles news coverage
    on Facebook!



Ruchell Magee #A92051 #T 115

California Medical Facility

P.O. Box 2000

Vacaville, CA 95696-2000

/Write Ruchell uplifting messages! Be sure to ask questions about his 
well-being, his interests, and his passions. Be aware that any of his 
mail can be read by correctional officers, so don’t use any violent, 
explicit, or demoralizing language. Don’t use politically sensitive 
language that could hurt his chances of release. Do not send any hard or 
sharp materials./

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      *FREE ‘EM ALL!*

6109 S. Western Ave. Suite #206, Los Angeles, CA 90043, US

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