[Pnews] Two of the six Palestinians who escaped from Israel's Gilboa prison captured

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Fri Sep 10 19:19:09 EDT 2021

of the six Palestinians who escaped from Israel's Gilboa prison
10, 2021

Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah and Yaqoub Mahmoud Qadri arrested in Nazareth,
Israeli and Palestinian media report

[image: Israeli police officers stand at the Gilboa Prison in northern
Israel on 6 September 2021.]

Israeli police officers stand at the Gilboa Prison in northern Israel on 6
September 2021 (AFP)

Published date: 10 September 2021 19:10 UTC | Last update: 2 hours 7 mins ago

Two of the six Palestinian
<https://www.middleeasteye.net/countries/palestine> prisoners who escaped
from Israel's <https://www.middleeasteye.net/countries/israel> Gilboa
prison after digging a tunnel from their cell toilet floor were captured on
Friday in Nazareth, north of the occupied West Bank, Israeli and
Palestinian media reported.

Citing a police statement, Arab48 reported
that Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah and Yaqoub Mahmoud Qadri were arrested in the
city's Jabal al-Qafzeh neighbourhood.

Ardah was arrested by Israeli forces in 1996 and sentenced to life in
prison on charges of being a member of the al-Quds Brigades and of
involvement in the killing of Israeli soldiers.


Palestinian killed during 'day of rage' solidarity protests for prison

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Qadri had been detained since 2003 and received a life sentence for
belonging to the al-Quds Brigades and killing an Israeli settler.

In 2014, both men and a number of other prisoners tried to escape from
Shata prison through a tunnel, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The other
four escapees are still at large.

Following the escape from the high security Gilboa prison on Monday,
Israeli authorities arrested
family members of the prisoners in what the Palestinian Prisoners'
Society described as an attempt to pressure the escapees to turn themselves

Israeli authorities launched a manhunt and increased their military
presence in the West Bank, installing checkpoints at entrances to
Palestinian towns, including Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarm and Qalqilya, where
security officials believe the prisoners could have fled to.

Gilboa prison is 4km north of the West Bank and 14km west of Israel's fence
with Jordan.

On Thursday, Jordanian officials
denied media reports that the escapees had crossed into their territory.
Israeli crackdown

Since the escape, the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) launched a crackdown on
Palestinian prisoners, cutting break time to one hour a day, closing the
prison canteen, and decreasing the number of inmates able to walk in the
yard. Israel also banned family visits for Palestinian prisoners.

The restrictions led to rising tensions inside Gilboa, Megiddo, Rimon and
Ketziot prisons in Israel.

The IPS also began relocating hundreds of Islamic Jihad-linked inmates, a
measure seen as "collective punishment" by Palestinian factions.

In Ketziot Prison, located in the Negev region of southern Israel,
Palestinian prisoners set fire to seven cells
in protest of a raid carried out by special units and Israeli soldiers
deployed from a nearby military base.

Meanwhile, Palestinians protested
on Friday in several towns in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and
the besieged Gaza Strip in solidarity with prisoners inside Israeli jails.

Following the end of Friday prayers, Israeli forces stormed the al-Aqsa
mosque compound and dispersed a sit-in protest in solidarity with the
prisoners, arresting one young man. .

At the gates of the compound, Hazem al-Jolani, a doctor from East
Jerusalem's Shuafat neighbourhood, was killed after being severely wounded
by Israeli fire.

Israeli forces closed al-Aqsa's Lion's Gate following the incident and
stormed Jolani's house in Shuafat, according to footage on social media.
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