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Now! 50 Years of the Attica Prison Uprising — maysles documentary center
Abolition Now! 50 Years of the Attica Prison Uprising will run in our
Virtual Cinema from August 30 until September 20.

*Our whole question is: just what level of consciousness will support the
violent revolutionary activity necessary to achieve our ends? How will we
know when this level is reached?*

*― George Jackson, Blood in My Eye (1972)*
Curated by Emily Apter. Co-presented by Maysles Documentary Center and
Third World Newsreel and in collaboration with Attica Is All of Us
<https://www.atticaisallofus.org/>, The Freedom Archives
<https://freedomarchives.org/>, and the Documentary Forum at CCNY.

Drawing on films made from 1971 to the present day, *Abolition Now! 50
Years of the Attica Prison Uprising* chronicles, commemorates, and
politicizes the events of the 1971 uprising and massacre—tracing George
Jackson’s influence—through the nonfiction visual representations that came
out of it.

The films in this series (as well as one “audio documentary”) operate
within a framework that advances the collective political project of prison
abolition. It is not just the content of these films—the organized
rebellion of Attica prisoners and the violent repression carried out by the
state—that comprises their abolitionist tendency. Rather it is the way they
depict the prison as a set of interlocking systems used to subjugate
people, extract value, and naturalize racial violence. It is their
particular articulation of “visibility” as a dialectical relationship
between presence and absence—carcerality as a system that at once requires
violence, produces violence, *and *conceals it.

Our hope for this series is to suggest that the power of film lies, yes, in
disrupting dominant narratives, denouncing oppression, evoking alternative
political realities, and highlighting revolutionary struggle. But, most
importantly, to do these things while recognizing the material limits of
moving images alone to enact the social and economic transformations we

Our hope is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Attica uprising, and
to reflect on ongoing resistance efforts against prison slavery and police
terror. It’s to memorialize the political prisoners killed by guards and
troopers in 1971, and to grieve the many many others killed in the struggle
for their, and others’, liberation in the present day. It’s to activate
film in the fight for a world beyond policing and imprisonment—a world
where justice is non-punitive and healing for all people—and to support
organizers on the inside and out in the fight to dismantle the conditions
that produce these structures of violence in the first place.
Films include:

*Teach Our Children *(Christine Choy & Susan Robeson, 1972, 35 min.)

*Attica* (Cinda Firestone, 1974, 80 min.)

*Still Attica Remains* (Nick Macdonald, 1975, 15 min.)

*George Jackson/San Quentin - Workprint* (Courtesy of The Freedom Archives,
1972, 28 min.)

*Evidence of the Evidence* (Alex Johnston, 2018, 20 min.)

*The Prison In 12 Landscapes* (Brett Story, 2016, 90 min.)

*Prisons on Fire: George Jackson, Attica, and Black Liberation [Digital
Album] (*Produced by Anita Johnson, Claude Marks, and The Freedom Archives)
Live Events:

Please read the Maysles Documentary Center Covid-19 Policies here


   Wednesday, September 8th at 7:30PM EDT  in-person screening of *Teach
   Our Children *(Susan Robeson & Christine Choy, 1972) at Maysles Cinema.
   This screening will be followed by a recorded conversation with Christine
   Choy (Teach Our Children) and JT Takagi (Third World Newsreel). *TICKETS


   Friday, September 10th at 8PM EDT Sidewalk Cinema screening of
*Attica *(Cinda
   Firestone, 1974).

   Monday, September 13 at 7PM EDT Live Zoom Panel discussion with Brett
   Story (*The* *Prison In 12 Landscapes*), Alex Johnston (*Evidence of the
   Evidence*), and Kevin Steele (Organizer with Root & Branch NYC).
   Moderated by Niki Franco (Organizer with (F)Empower Miami). *RSVP HERE.*
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