[Pnews] #FreeThemAll: Palestine advocates call to free all Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli jails

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Wed Sep 8 10:54:01 EDT 2021

 #FreeThemAll: Palestine advocates call to free all Palestinian
administrative detainees in Israeli jails

September 8, 2021 - https://qudsnen.co/?p=29081

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Palestinian and pro-Palestine advocates have
launched an online campaign calling to free all Palestinian detainees held
in administrative detention in Israeli jails without a charge or trial.

Using the hashtag #FreeThemAll, the advocates have been tweeting while
urging to free all the Palestinian detainees held in administrative
detention inside the Israeli jails without a charge or trial, as there are
around 520 Palestinian administrative detainees, according to the
Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS).

The PPS <https://qudsnen.co/?p=29029&amp=1>said that there are 4650
Palestinian prisoners held in 23 Israeli prisons, and detention and
interrogation centers, including 200 minors, 40 women, 544 of them are
serving one or more life sentences and around 520 Palestinians are held in
administrative detention.

The online campaign aims at exposing the suffering of the Palestinian
detainees in the Israeli jails and the racist policies which detainees face
in Israeli prisons, especially after six Palestinian political prisoners
<https://qudsnen.co/?p=28990&amp=1> managed to free themselves on September
6 2021 <https://qudsnen.co/?p=28980&amp=1>, from Gilbou prison, a
high-security Israeli prison, through a secret tunnel they had reportedly
dug beneath the prison.

Six Palestinian prisoners dig a tunnel for years and escape from high
security Israeli prison. May all Palestinians break free of their chains
&prisons. The open air prison of Gaza, Israel’s apartheid prison, all of
them. #FreeThemAll
#Freedom <https://twitter.com/hashtag/Freedom?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw>

— Noura Erakat (@4noura) September 6, 2021

all prisoners in the west bank incarcerated by israel are illegally
incarcerated under international law, as the west bank is internationally
recognized occupied territory. the escape of 6 palestinian prisoners last
night is a huge win and must be celebrated! #FreeThemAll

— #SaveSheikhJarrah | آية 𓂆 (@ayaghanameh) September 6, 2021

The escape of six #Palestinian
prisoners from the maximum-security Israeli prison of #Gilboa
<https://twitter.com/hashtag/Gilboa?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw> has been
described as “a major security and intelligence failure”.#FreePalestine
#BDS <https://twitter.com/hashtag/BDS?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw>
pic.twitter.com/QlZ6RH6Mdv <https://t.co/QlZ6RH6Mdv>

— Mvoice (@Mvoice13) September 7, 2021

[image: ‼️] On Monday morning, 6 Palestinian prisoners escaped and
liberated themselves from the Gilboa Zionist Detention Center near Jenin.
Details in thread [image: 🧵] #PalestinianPrisoners
pic.twitter.com/HFWJzFTdGF <https://t.co/HFWJzFTdGF>

— #SaveSilwan #SaveSheikhJarrah (@palyouthmvmt) September 6, 2021

Palestinian resistance will never be defeated. Six Palestinian prisoners
escaped from a high-security settler prison this morning. Onward to
liberation. [image: 🇵🇸]#FreeThemAll
pic.twitter.com/TWEeZnT2eW <https://t.co/TWEeZnT2eW>

— #SaveSilwan #SaveSheikhJarrah USCPR (@USCPR_) September 6, 2021

Moreover, since the start of 2021, around 40 Palestinian detainees started
hunger strike in protest against the unfair administrative detention
without a charge or trial in Israeli jails.

Today, the number of the hunger-striking Palestinian detainees becomes six,
all of them with deteriorating health conditions, as they suffer from
health problems and loss of weight, the longest hunger-striking prisoner
<https://qudsnen.co/?p=29072&amp=1>has been on a hunger strike for 56 days.

Administrative detention is illegal under international law, however, the
occupation state uses it to repress the Palestinian people.

‘Israel’ routinely uses administrative detention and has, over the years,
placed thousands of Palestinians behind bars for periods ranging from
several months to several years, without charging them, without telling
them what they are accused of, and without disclosing the alleged evidence
to them or to their lawyers.
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