[Pnews] Israel continues to detain bodies of Palestinian martyrs

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Wed Sep 1 11:47:35 EDT 2021

continues to detain bodies of Palestinian martyrs
September 1, 2021

Israeli occupation authorities are continuing to hold the bodies of
Palestinian prisoners and have not handed them to their relatives for
burial, the Palestinian Prisoners' Club announced yesterday.

The club said in a statement that the martyrs' list includes "Anis Dawla
from Qalqilya, who died in 1980, Aziz Owaisat from Jerusalem, who died in
2018, Faris Baroud from Gaza, Nasrat Taqatqa from Bethlehem, Bassam
Al-Sayeh from Nablus, who died in 2019, and Saadi Al-Garabli from Gaza, and
Kamal Abu Waer from Jenin, both died last year."

The statement added that the seven martyrs "were among 226 prisoners who
died in the occupation's prisons during the period from 1967 to 2020,"
noting that there were hundreds of others who died "shortly after their
release, as a result of diseases and injuries they suffered over the years."

It added that the use of medical negligence was one of the "Israeli
prisons' administration's abusive policies" against detainees.

"Physical and psychological torture also constitute the most systematic
Israeli policy that caused the death of 73 prisoners over the past few
decades," the statement read.

In the past ten years, 29 Palestinian prisoners died while detained by the
occupation, mostly as a result of medical negligence. A total of 81
prisoner bodies have been held by the occupation and never handed to their
families since 2015.
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