[Pnews] One Million Palestinians Imprisoned by Israel since 1967 Naksa

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One Million Palestinians Detained by Israel since 1967 Naksa
June 6, 2021
Palestinian activists show solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Gaza.
(Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

Over one million Palestinians have been arrested by Israeli forces since
1967, according to estimates by civil society groups released on Saturday.

Three Palestinian organizations said in a joint statement they documented
over one million arrests of Palestinians, including some 17,000 cases
concerning women and 50,000 concerning children.

According to the Palestinian Society Prisoners Club, the Commission of
Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs and the Prisoners’ High Council, around
5,700 people are currently held in Israeli prisons.

Since 1967, when Israel began its occupation on Palestinian land, 226
detainees have died inside Israeli prisons, including 73 due to torture and
71 due to lack of medical care.

During the 1967 Six-Day war, Israel occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem,
Syria’s Golan Heights and Egypt’s the Sinai Peninsula, which was later
returned to Egypt under the terms of a peace deal.

More than 54,000 administrative detention orders were recorded since then.
The NGOs said all those detained experienced “some form of physical or
psychological torture, moral abuse, and cruel treatment”.

Administrative detention, which allows Israeli authorities to extend the
detention of a prisoner without charge, has resulted in lengthy detention
periods with no due legal process.

In February, the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled that it has
jurisdiction to investigate serious international crimes committed in the
entirety of occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem.
This includes adjudicating possible crimes against humanity committed by
Israel within that territory.

The EU’s representative for the Palestinian territories, Sven Kuhn von
Burgsdorff, called earlier this month for the lifting of Gaza’s crippling
15-year blockade.

Israel attacked residents in the sealed-off strip on May 10, 2021, killing
256 Palestinians including 67 children over 11- days of airstrikes.

Meanwhile, residents in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah
have been resisting attempts to forcefully expel them from their ancestral
homes in the latest wave of evictions against Palestinian residents in the
contested city.

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