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Newsletter – January 2021 Leonard Peltier Newsletter

Hello, Friends, and supporters! Greetings Family, Friends and 
Supporters; 1/22/2021 The ILPDC Board and Directors share everyone's 
disappointment th


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  Hello, Friends, and supporters!


Greetings Family, Friends and Supporters;

1/22/2021 The ILPDC Board and Directors share everyone's disappointment 
that Leonard did not receive Executive Clemency or Commutation of his 
sentence in the final days of the Trump Administration. We know everyone 
and especially Attorney Kevin Sharpe worked diligently and extremely 
hard to secure Leonard's freedom and the disappointment is shared by us all.

However, the fact remains Leonard Peltier remains unjustly in Federal 
Prison and the work to have him released must continue. In addition to 
now pushing the Biden administration for the possibility of clemency-we 
are working hard towards a diversity of options to gain Leonards Freedom 
and will be calling on you, our supporters to dust off and renew the 
struggle to gain Leonard's freedom. We will in coming days be pursuing a 
push for a transfer from the United States Prison at Coleman to the 
Federal Correctional Facility at Oxford, WI which is a lower. security 
level and is closer to Leonard's family. We will also be pushing for an 
interim Parole hearing as well as for release under the Covid Release to 
Home Confinement option that the Federal Bureau of Prison's currently 
has and pending Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland has already stated 
her support for.

As the attorney's develop the priorities and strategies we will let you 
know and we will need your help. Stay strong and be ready to push for 
those things for Leonard through your prayers, calls and letters to 
appropriate government officials etc.


Leonard shares everyone's disappointment relating to the lack of a 
pardon/clemency/commutation but he remains determined to carry on the 
struggle as should we all.

His words to us all are below:

LEONARD PELTIER on 1/20/2021 9:50:07 AM wrote

Good Morning everyone._

/I'm not sure if this is such a good morning but i don't know how to 
open this letter to everyone./

/Yes i heard the loser did not sign my clemency, i had this strong 
feeling yesterday that I wasn't going to get it, i don't know why i had 
it,? I guess it was the spirits telling me so i sat down trying to write 
you all a letter but my tears of self pity must have overwhelmed me as i 
could not see to finish it so i had to stop for a while, thought about 
my family friends and people's how it must be for them too . so i pulled 
myself together. and thought to myself well I'm not going to give up./

/It's been a hard 45 yrs, and it will get a lot harder I'm sure as I 
aged and in the moments when hopelessness over takes me, but at my age 
all i can do is ask so many of you to stay with me and let's try again. 
b/cuz we have the only weapon we can use and that's the constitution and 
the laws of this so called free democracy EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL, and 
must get everyone to know what the laws was that they violated not just 
the lawyers, But what a joke that is,!! IT HAS never has been this way 
for my people. and more then likely will never be. BUT I welcome all who 
will stay with me and fight on until i take my last breath./

/Thank you. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, _
/Leonard Peltier._


The ILPDC Board, attorney’s, paralegals, and Directors thank you for 
your continued support for Leonard and the National Office during this 
difficult time of Covid.

Your support is deeply appreciated. Please visit our web site at 
and consider purchasing some of the available merchandise or to make a 
donation to help us with legal expenses. Now more than ever it's 
imperative we continue the fight and have the resources to do so. Please 
write Leonard, your letters of support always lift his spirits.

For more information please contact the committee at 
contact at whoisleonardpeltier.info (Paulette) 218-790-7667, (Carol) 
715-208-4453, or (Sheridan) 813-428-0781

Thank you from
Paulette D'auteuil Co-Director
Carol Gokee Co-Director
Sheridan Murphy, Board President

Leonard Peltier 89637-132
P.O. BOX 1033


©2021 ILPDC | 116 W Osborne Avenue Tampa, FL 33603

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