[Pnews] Former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Elizam Escobar Transitions - Elizam Escobar Presente!

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In Memoriam,

Today, we mourn the physical loss of our beloved patriot and consummate
artist Elizam Escobar: but forever we should celebrate his many gifts to
our lives and most importantly that Elizam lived life to its fullest until
his final moments. From the days of exposing the secret imperial project
called Plan 2020 in 1976 along with his teacher Juan Antonio Corretjer, to
his sacrificial feat of two decades of political incarceration, to his
commitment to the political freedom of Puerto Rico, to his unique artistic
expressions, to his riveting wordsmithing and poetry; from his amazing,
engaging teaching skills, to his deep philosophical conversations, Elizam
left so much for us to continue to ponder the major questions of the human
experience. As he once said “Yo creo que el arte es una respuesta a la
muerte porque es la forma de mantener vivo todas las pasiones, las
contradicciones, los logros de la humanidad, el aprecio por todo, por la
naturaleza, por el mar, por el universo''.

There is no doubt in my mind that Elizam’s epithet could best be expressed
in the words of Corretjer “en la mesa del dolor del mundo, edité mi
proyecto de vida”

Elizam was truly an iconic figure of Puerto Rican art, politics, and
letters. In words and in deeds he lived the change that he struggled for. I
am convinced that he could state as the great Mexican muralist Diego Rivera
once said “por mi raza hablara mi espiritu”.
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