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*The following is a statement released by Lisa Montgomery's attorney 
late last night.

*January 13, 2021*
The craven bloodlust of a failed administration was on full display 
tonight. Everyone who participated in the execution of Lisa Montgomery 
should feel shame. No one disagrees that Mrs. Montgomery was the victim 
of unspeakable torture and sex trafficking. No one can credibly dispute 
Mrs. Montgomery’s longstanding debilitating mental disease – diagnosed 
and treated for the first time by the Bureau of Prisons' own doctors. 
Our Constitution forbids the execution of a person who is unable to 
rationally understand her execution. The current administration knows 
this. And they killed her anyway. Violating the Constitution, federal 
law, its own regulations, and longstanding norms along the way.
The government stopped at nothing in its zeal to kill this damaged and 
delusional woman. After we, her attorneys, contracted COVID-19 during 
our travels to visit her after her execution was scheduled, the 
government fought tooth and nail against any delay to allow us to 
recover so we could represent her effectively. Then they violated the 
law in multiple ways in rescheduling her execution for the final days of 
the Trump Administration. As courts agreed Lisa’s case presented 
important legal issues warranting serious consideration – including 
whether she was competent to execute – the government hammered onward 
with appeals.
By insisting on an execution during a pandemic, this administration 
demonstrated its reckless disregard for human life of innocent citizens. 
Executions are super-spreader events. The government knows this. Yet, 
they put the lives of every single person who must participate in these 
“events” as well as every one of those persons' friends, families, 
neighbors, co-workers, and who knows how many other people. Because this 
administration was so afraid that the next one might choose Life over 
Death, they put the lives and health of US citizens in grave danger. In 
the midst of all this litigation, Lisa’s request for clemency remained 
before President Trump. It was supported by thousands of organizations 
and individuals – faith leaders, anti-violence advocates, conservative 
leaders, international organizations, and many more. But the President 
did nothing. He had not even the decency to formally deny – or even 
acknowledge – Lisa’s clemency application, though it is hard to imagine 
a case more deserving of executive intervention than this one.
Lisa Montgomery’s execution was far from justice. She should never have 
faced a death sentence in the first place, as no other woman has faced 
execution for a similar crime. And Lisa was much more than the tragic 
crime she committed, a crime for which she felt deep remorse before she 
lost all touch with reality in the days before her execution. Lisa was 
also much more than the horrors inflicted upon her, the sexual violence 
and abuse she endured at the hands of those who were supposed to love, 
nurture, and protect her.
Lisa was a loving mother, grandmother, and sister who adored her family. 
She was a devout Christian who loved Christmas and created beautiful 
angels for those lucky enough to receive her gifts. Lisa often became 
trapped in the prison of her mind, losing touch with reality for periods 
of time. But when not gripped by psychosis, she was a gentle and caring 
person whom I was honored to know and to represent.
Lisa Nouri, Amy Harwell and I represented Mrs. Montgomery for eight 
years. We loved her very much and she loved us. She honored us with her 
truth and trusted us to share it in a way that not only told her story, 
but that could help other women.
Even though President Trump could not be the hero we asked him to be, we 
are here to say to every woman and girl who has been the victim of 
violence and degradation: You matter. Your pain matters. You are more 
than a victim. You are a survivor. Do not let anyone humiliate or shame 
you. You deserve to be loved.
In the past week, we have seen just how far President Trump and his 
administration will go in their disdain for justice and the rule of law. 
This failed government adds itself to the long list of people and 
institutions who failed Lisa.
We should recognize Lisa Montgomery’s execution for what it was: the 
vicious, unlawful, and unnecessary exercise of authoritarian power. We 
cannot let this happen again.
/-Kelley Henry, attorney for Lisa Montgomery/
/-January 13, 2021/

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