[Pnews] Monthly Review author David Gilbert's sentence commuted!

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Monthly Review author David Gilbert's sentence commuted!
Thank you, from Monthly Review Press
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      /*Dear friends of Monthly Review:*/

*We are filled with happiness at the news that New York Governor Cuomo, 
in the closing hours of his last day in office, granted clemency to 
/Monthly Review/ author David Gilbert, and to four other long-term 
prisoners. *
David has served, as the Governor noted, "40 years of a 75-years-to-life 
sentence, related to an incident in which he was the driver” and in 
which he was unarmed and harmed no-one directly. Under New York’s 
draconian laws (unfortunately not untypical for the United States), 
David was eligible for parole for the first time in 2056. Governor 
Cuomo’s commutation of his sentence refers David immediately "to the 
Parole Board for potential release.”
*There are many other aged long-term prisoners in New York and other 
U.S. prisons who in any decent civilized country would, one hopes, have 
long since been released. We hope to see more such acts of clemency.*
David Gilbert is himself a member of our Monthly Review community, has 
written for the magazine, and over the years we have mailed /Monthly 
Review/ to him in every one of the many New York institutions in which 
he has been imprisoned, and visited him in most.  He has read every 
issue for decades, and on many occasions communicated-–always 
helpfully–with the editors.

*Until David is finally released, an outcome now at long last in sight, 
we will continue to do what we can until he is free.

And to those of you who contacted Governor Cuomo in his last days in 
office in response to our recent emergency request, our heartfelt 
/*-**The editors of Monthly Review and the Directors of the Monthly 
Review Foundation */

*/"I grew up with this tremendous commitment to democracy. I wanted to 
make America live up to its ideals. 
I grew up naive, in a way, because I thought democracy, freedom and 
justice for all, equality—that’s what America was."/*

*/"The essential challenge of being a revolutionary...an honest, ongoing 
process that involved both serious introspection and constructive 
collective discussions. It’s not like we’re adrift on a featureless, 
turbulent sea. We’re deeply rooted in the solid ground of the needs and 
aspirations of the oppressed."/* - Excerpted from /Love and Struggle: my 
life in SDS, the Weather Underground and Beyond/ 

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