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*The sport of abusing prisoners in Lucasville, Ohio: Like pulling wings off
August 21, 2021

*by Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson*
*The psychosis of torture*

Some behavioral theorists believe that children who torture animals – those
who pull the wings off flies for example – display early pathological
tendencies and will likely become sociopaths or violent psychotics as they

What does this say about entire communities that revel in inflicting even
greater cruelties on other humans? On this point, I’m thinking of Western
slave societies, and abuses described by historians like C.L.R. James, in
“The Black Jacobins,” his renowned account of the slave revolution that
overthrew slavery in Haiti. James described such abuses inflicted on slaves
for sport, as packing a slave’s rectum with gunpowder and igniting it.

Western slave society has always been barbaric, and it still is. Cruel
abuses continue to be inflicted – in U.S. prisons, for example, where
forced slave labor still abounds. The Southern Ohio Correctional Facility,
aka Lucasville, where I’m presently imprisoned, provides a perfect example.

I’ve been at Lucasville only a few weeks – having been recently expelled
from the Indiana prison system, my sixth interstate prison transfer in nine
years, for challenging and exposing abuses there – and have heard nothing
but a steady stream of horror stories of prisoners suffering torment and
abuse (from lynchings – hangings staged as suicides – to beatings and
starvation) at the hands of staff who come from racially segregated rural
white communities, where racism is obviously a deeply ingrained cultural

Guards at Lucasville carry themselves with an air of impunity that comes
from working in an environment where abusing disempowered and disadvantaged
people is like the air they breathe.

*The torment of Robert Scott*

While certainly not among the worst incidents of abuse I’ve been told
about, the experience of Robert Scott, #682746, provides an example of the
treatment of prisoners at Lucasville.

On Nov. 4, 2020, Robert, believably suffering from COVID-19, fell ill in
his cell, where he began vomiting, and collapsed. Two white guards, C.
Scott and Glockner, had a wheelchair summoned, and wheeled him to a holding
cell where they handcuffed him.

He was at all times conscious and coherent, only very ill. C. Scott
disregarded Robert’s complaints of illness and persisted in telling him
that he was high – a common accusation guards make to invalidate and
discredit any number of issues a prisoner may have, from medical
emergencies to mental health crises.

Scott asked Robert a range of questions testing his coherence and awareness
of current events and his surroundings, attempting to demonstrate that
Robert was high. Robert, however, answered all the questions accurately and
persisted that he was ill, not high, and needed medical care.

Instead of addressing his complaint of possible COVID infection, a nurse
named Mault who was summoned proceeded to administer two doses of the
counter-overdose drug Narcan to Robert. Scott then hit Robert in the hand
and leg with his baton, fracturing his hand, and Glockner punched him in
the face and slapped him several times. Scott then retrieved a syringe from
nurse Mault and stabbed Robert repeatedly in the face with it and raked the
needle across his face.

*This is the pathology of unfree society: Capitalism and racism.*

These guards were making a mockery and sport of Robert’s condition,
assaulting him as if attempting to revive an unconscious person, but
actually aiming to provoke a defensive reaction to the pain they were
inflicting so they could then openly beat him under the guise of attempting
to subdue a combative prisoner, which is a common “game” that guards play.

After this sadistic abuse, a lieutenant named Setty provided the false
report that would provide cover for the entire affair. Setty filed a
trumped-up disciplinary report claiming that Robert confessed to him that
he was in fact high from smoking K2, which of course resulted in a finding
of guilt and further punishment for the made-up infraction. Slaves have no

This is how “justice” looks in U.S. slave society. Just like the summary
lynchings, burnings and beatings during the antebellum and later Jim Crow
eras, carried out as public “sport” by jubilant mobs of “respectable”
people. Mobs that were egged on by, and included, government officials.
Again, this is the pathology of unfree society: Capitalism and racism.
*The fear of exposure of abuse*

I think most people would agree that even contemplating what Robert
suffered is traumatic; a Black man fallen ill, helpless, handcuffed, was
assaulted, drugged, humiliated, then lied on and punished. He tried
repeatedly to complain and receive some redress for his abuses and was
thwarted at every turn. I read his frustrated attempts.

*I was “warned.”*

Again, his experience is by far not among the worst abuses here at
Lucasville that I’ve heard about. In fact, officials here don’t want me to
hear about any of it. They know I’ll write about it, publicizing it to the
public, and they fear what they can’t control – namely the public.

I was “warned” against doing this while I was at Ohio’s Correctional
Reception Center by a Security Threat Group investigator named Nate Harris.
He threatened that if I did start “being an asshole,” which he described as
writing “radical” articles that generate bad publicity and public protest
against the Ohio prison system, my security level would be raised and I’d
be thrown into, and kept in, solitary confinement.

Here at Lucasville, although I’m in general population, the entire staff
have been telling the prisoners around me not to talk to me and threatening
to ransack their cells, throw them in solitary etc. if they defy these
orders. Several prisoners have been made examples of already.

As with all corruptions, the horrors of slave society thrive in darkness.
There are legions of skeletons hanging by their necks in the closets at
Lucasville. And I’m as bent as ever on being that “asshole” who helps lift
the veil (actually, the white hoods) off the faces of the people who hung
them there.

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!

All Power to the People!

*Send our brother some love and light: Kevin Johnson, A787991, Southern
Ohio Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 45699, Lucasville OH 45699.*
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