[Pnews] URGENT David Gilbert Clemency News Update LAST 48 HOURS

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Sun Aug 22 14:07:52 EDT 2021

Friends, If you have not acted yet, please do so today! Tomorrow is 
Cuomo's last day in office.
Dear comrades: Please note this most recent LAST DITCH APPEAL FOR DAVID. 
Though there is very little time left with the Governor, we have gotten 
word that David's is one of two clemency petitions on his desk should 
Cuomo choose to act at this last moment of his administration. Please 
send around to whomever you think can make a last-minute 
call...including of course (but not limited to) any high-ranking folks.

        On August 17th, Governor Cuomo granted clemency to 5 deserving
        people, including Jon-Adrian (JJ) Velasquez, one of the people
        we recommended in concert with David Gilbert.

        The Governor did not grant clemency to David.

        But there is still time.

        Governor Cuomo’s term ends at 11:59 PM on Monday, August 23.

  /We have one final chance to urge Gov. Cuomo to grant clemency

    /Don't wait -- Help David TODAY!/

      *1. Contact Governor Cuomo*

        If you have already done so, please do it again. Let's flood the


            Send an email message
            to the Governor (select "Criminal Justice")


            Call the Albany Executive Chamber: (518) 474-8390 x 3, then
            x 1 to leave a message.


            Call the NYC Executive Chamber: (212) 681-4580 and leave a

      *2. Spread the Word*


            Share on social media. Use your networks.
            Find graphics and content formatted for Facebook, Twitter,
            and Instagram on our website


            Urge three friends to our website to learn more about David
            (Already emailed three friends the other day? Email three more!)

*David Gilbert is 76 years old. He has served 40 years in prison, and is 
one of New York State’s oldest and longest-serving prisoners.

David will be a productive members of free society. He has been 
incarcerated for 40 years without a disciplinary violation, and has 
consistently promoted peace and positive programs in prison. His 
codefendants have been freed and are living constructive and peaceful 

David has positively impacted the lives of many. Since his 
incarceration, he has been a mentor to many young men in prison, 
counseling nonviolence and respect for women. He is a founder of the 
first prison peer HIV/AIDS counseling program, saving many lives and 
becoming a model for the corrections system.

David has broad support for clemency. Supporters range from former 
prosecutors, law enforcement, and corrections officials to young people 
in prison; from Nobel Peace Prize Laureates to community organizers 
around HIV/AIDS; from bishops and other religious leaders, as well as 
state legislators, to hundreds of health care professionals and 
university and law school professors.*

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