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Mon Aug 16 19:01:41 EDT 2021

*Urgent Action Alert:*

Shaka Shakur (Virginia #1996207, Indiana #135647) is a politically 
active prisoner and a long-term militant of the Back liberation movement 
in the US. He has done incredible work over his decades of incarceration 
in organizing fellow prisoners, including leading one of the longest 
prisoner hunger strikes (37 days) in US history. in 1992 at the Supermax 
prison in Westville, Indiana.

In December of 2018 Shaka was forced into domestic exile by being 
removed from the State of Indiana and forcibly relocated in the State of 
Virginia Dept. of Corrections as part of an "inter-state" transfer 
designed to neutralize his activism in Indiana.

Hie is currently approaching his 20th year of captivity for the alleged 
attempted murder of a police officer in Gary, Indiana-- a wrongful 

We are continuing our request for calls from last week. As of Monday 
8/16 Shaka Shakur has been on HUNGER STRIKE FOR 7 DAYS. And now we have 
reason to believe that his life may be in danger. He has been moved into 
population and is being labeled as a snitch by prison staff in order to 
turn other prisoners against him.
*We need people to call:*
Virginia Governor Northam
Governor Northam
press 1
for email: https://www.governor.virginia.gov/.../communicating-with.../ 
Mr. Harold Clarke, VDOC Director
VDOC Main Office
press 0 for receptionist, ask for Harold Clarke
Email: DOCmail at vadoc.virginia.gov <mailto:DOCmail at vadoc.virginia.gov>
email for Harold Clarke: HAROLD.CLARKE at VADOC.VIRGINIA.GOV 
Governor Holcomb of Indiana: 317-232-4567
IDOC Commissioner Robert Carter: 317-233-6984

*Script*: "I am calling regarding Shaka Shakur Virginia #1996207, 
Indiana #135647. Mr. Shakur is was transferred from Indiana 3 years ago 
via the Interstate Compact. Since he has been transferred, Virginia has 
failed to comply with their end of the contract. He has routinely been 
deprived of his property, he has been prevented from continuing his 
ongoing litigation, has not received medical care required for his 
documented medical conditions, and is currently in physical danger from 
elements inside Buckingham Correctional Facility. Mr. Shakur is 
currently on hunger strike to protest these conditions. I am requesting 
that Mr. Shakur immediately be returned to Indiana as per his request."
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