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Take action now to stop prison guards' violence and return Rashid's property

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Dear Isis,

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, an incarcerated advocate for prisoners’ rights, 
has been abruptly transferred to /another/ prison without any of his 
property, and *guards are reportedly threatening Rashid’s life*. We must 
show prison officials that he has support on the outside and we are 
watching their every move.

*Demand his property be returned and that guards stop harassing him.* 


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On July 12th, Rashid was transferred from Wabash Valley prison in 
Indiana to the custody of the Ohio Department of Corrections and brought 
directly to their intake center. He was there for less than three weeks 
before transferring to Ohio’s Lucasville prison on July 30th.

In an email sent out to Rashid’s supporters, his partner reached out for 
urgent support. *When Rashid was transferred to Lucasville, all of his 
material belongings, including his $400 commissary fund, suddenly 
“vanished”-- even his shoes.* On top of that, Rashid has had erroneous 
charges brought against him out of the blue.
On July 30th, Rashid was charged with threatening guards, tried, and 
convicted within a matter of hours.* As a result, he has received a 
30-day restriction from using the phone and commissary. Rashid has been 
shut off from the outside world and prevented from purchasing any basic 
necessities. He’s also been intentionally placed in close proximity to 
other prisoners who are plotting with guards to harm him -- and the 
guards were bold enough to tell him so.

Here’s what’s behind all of this: Rashid says the Department of 
Corrections in Indiana recently submitted false evidence in court and 
Rashid was working to have them sanctioned. Not too long ago the 
Department had to pay over $150,000 for submitting false evidence in a 
case where a prisoner later died. Rashid wrote about this case last year 

*Prison officials are attempting to prevent Rashid from responding to 
the case in Indiana, either by phone or mail.* The 30-day restriction 
means that he will not be able to contact anyone on the outside by phone 
or email for 30 days. Further, the commissary restriction is to prevent 
him from buying paper and pencil to respond to the court case.

*Take action now to help Rashid have a fighting chance in his court case.
Rashid is a longtime prison organizer. He is a founding member of the 
Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party Prison Chapter, having 
previously founded the New Afrikan Black Panther Party. His work over 
the years has garnered attention internationally, and he is the author 
of two books, as well as an accomplished artist.

*As a direct result of his work Rashid has been subjected to political 
repression for years 
*interstate transfers to new jurisdictions whenever his organizing or 
litigation begins to make a real impact. Originally from Virginia, where 
he became politicized as a young, incarcerated man, he was subsequently 
transferred to Oregon… then Texas... then Florida... before ending up in 
Indiana in December 2018. And now, Ohio. Each transfer is disruptive. It 
can take a long time before Rashid receives his property, which includes 
legal materials and research materials for articles. Property he had 
access to in one jurisdiction is often denied or “lost” on its way to 
the next.

*In every prison system he has been held in, Rashid has worked to expose 
the injustices he has encountered*, from lack of adequate food and 
healthcare, to the violence and abuse from particular guards. His work 
has involved writing articles 
working with other prisoners, and litigation -- both on his own behalf 
and also helping other prisoners to file suits. Our social-justice 
movement needs Rashid and Rashid needs us.

*Stand in solidarity with Rashid by sending an email now to prison 

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share it with your friends*.

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$3 now. * 


-- The RootsAction.org Team


*Read more about criminal justice at /Progressive Hub/. 




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