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Wed Aug 11 10:23:47 EDT 2021

  New York City Jericho Movement

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Political Prisoner Rev. Joy Powell is being charged with a Tier III 
violation for wearing an N95 mask provided to her by medical personnel 
while at a medical facility for a medical procedure. Rev. Joy stated the 
situation blew up and escalated into a shakedown of her cell; of course 
no contraband was found and Rev. Joy was temporarily relieved, thinking 
the situation had been resolved.  However, the Tier III hearing is 
currently taking place.

Joy Powell believes the years of ongoing harassment, retaliation, and 
volatile actions she has experienced are because she continues to 
advocate for change within those walls the same as she did on the 
streets; as a voice for the voiceless she has been targeted, and her 
keepers’ goal has been to place her in solitary confinement to muzzle, 
silence, and contain her, so the screws can be turned to break her, 
which is a constant aim whenever and wherever it involves our Political 
Prisoners in this country.

Rev. Joy is requesting that all justice-loving individuals and 
organizations advocating the fair treatment of incarcerated individuals, 
especially our elderly, lend her your resources, solidarity, and support 
and help her raise awareness about this current issue by getting the 
word out through your social media platforms, through any contacts you 
may have in media, news, radio, tv, etc, and of equal importance by 
repeated phone calls, emails to the names and numbers below demanding 
that any unwarranted, unreasonable, rash and harsh decisions currently 
being contemplated with regards to Rev. Joy Powell #07G0632 be 
reevaluated with some measure of fairness with regards to the truth. If 
anyone should be held accountable, then it is whomever actually 
possesses said authority and allowed Rev. Powell to wear and have that 
mask upon her return to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
247 Harris Rd.
Bedford Hills, NY 10507
Phone: *(914) 241-3100*
Ask to speak with the Superintendent

Director Anthony J. Annucci, NYS DOCCS
Building Two
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 1222-2050
Phone: *(518) 457-8126*

Website Contact Form:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nysdoccs 




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