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Kevin Rashid Johnson, Revolutionary New Afrikan Prisoner on Black August 
+ Rashid Needs Support Fighting Back Against Repression from Prison Admin!
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*Kersplebedeb Newsletter #396**August 4,**2021*

    Kevin Rashid Johnson, Revolutionary New Afrikan Prisoner —
    Transferred to Ohio and Facing Bogus Charges!

On July 12 Kevin “Rashid” Johnson was transferred from Wabash Valley 
prison in Indiana to the custody of the Ohio Department of Corrections, 
being brought directly to their intake center in Orient. He would remain 
there for less than three weeks before being sent to Lucasville prison 
on July 30th.

A founding member of the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party 
Prison Chapter, having previously founded the New Afrikan Black Panther 
Party from which the RIBPP emerged following a split in 2020, Rashid is 
a longtime communist and prison organizer. His work over the years has 
garnered attention internationally, and he is the author of two books as 
well as an accomplished artist.

As he himself wrote about a few months ago, as a result of his work 
Rashid has been subjected to a particular form of political repression 
for nine years now now: interstate transfers to new jurisdictions 
whenever his organizing or litigation gets to be too much for a 
particular state’s prison officials. (See “Interstate Prison Transfers 
as Weapons of Political Repression: My Nine Years in Domestic Exile” at 
Originally from Virginia, where he became politicized as a young man in 
prison in his 20s, he was subsequently transferred to Oregon, then 
Texas, then Florida, before ending up in Indiana in December 2018. In 
every prison system he has been held in, he has worked to expose the 
injustices he has encountered, from lack of adequate food and 
healthcare, to the violence and abuse of particular guards. His work has 
involved writing articles (found on his website rashidmod.com), working 
with other prisoners (not an easy feat, considering he is usually in 
some type of segregation/solitary), and litigation, both on his own 
behalf and also helping other prisoners to file suits.

Rashid’s most recent transfer to Ohio is an example of this, it being an 
attempt to prevent him from responding in a case that he brought against 
the Indiana Department of Corrections regarding abuse in solitary 
confinement. The Department of Corrections in Indiana submitted false 
evidence in the case and Rashid was in the process of responding and 
having them sanctioned for that. They already had to pay over 150k for 
being found guilty of submitting false evidence in another case 
concerning a prisoner who later died. Rashid wrote about this case last 
year, in “Torment In Indiana Prisons: The Abuse, The Lawsuit, The Death 
Of Phillip Littler.” (https://rashidmod.com/?p=2887)

Each transfer is disruptive. It can take a long time before Rashid 
received his property, which invariably includes legal materials and 
research materials for articles. Property he had access to in one 
jurisdiction is often denied or “lost” on its way to the next. There is 
also the disorientation and vulnerability that comes from new surrounds; 
little wonder that it has been shortly after such transfers that Rashid 
has previously been subjected to violence and charged with new bogus 

Such is what is occurring now, following his transfer to Ohio after less 
than three years in Indiana.

On July 30, the day of his transfer to Lucasville, Rashid was brought up 
on disciplinary charges and was tried and found guilty, for allegedly 
threatening guards that he was going to send someone to kill them (as 
those of us who know him can attest, Rashid doesn’t even talk like 
that!). This literally happened in the span of a few hours. As a result, 
he has received a 30-day restriction from using the phone and 
commissary, essentially cutting him off from the outside world and also 
preventing him from purchasing any basic necessities following his transfer.

The transfer from Indiana to Ohio, the unexpected move to Lucasville 
after spending only 2 weeks of what was supposed to be a 4-6 week stay 
at the Orient intake center, in addition to the brand new charges and 
30-day restriction are all attempts to prevent Rashid from responding to 
the case in Indiana, either by phone or mail. The 30-day restriction 
means is that he will not be able to contact anyone on the outside by 
phone or email for 30 days. The commissary restriction is to prevent him 
from buying paper and pencil to write with and be able to respond to the 
court case.

As a result of his work against the abuses that run rampant throughout 
the prison system, once again Rashid has no property, no hygiene 
products, no paper or pen. Not even shoes to wear. We still don’t know 
where his property is or the $400 that was on his trust account in 
Indiana. We are asking that calls be made to Virgina’s Department of 
Corrections (as Rashid is still legally a Virginia prisoner, despite his 
transfers to all over the United States) and the warden at the Southern 
Ohio Correctional Facility at Lucasville and prison officials from 
Indiana, where he was transferred from. When communicating with prison 
staff in the different states, we need to refer to the prisoner i.d. # 
for Kevin Johnson (Rashid), which is different in each state.

For Virginia: #1007485
For Indiana: #264847
For Ohio: #A787991


1. /*An end to the bogus 30-day restriction from phone and email.*/

2. /*An end to the bogus 30-day restriction*/ /*from commissary that 
prevents Rashid from ordering stationary with which to write.*/

3. /*The immediate return of ALL his property including the $400 that 
was on his trust account there at WVCF and his legal property which will 
enable him to continue with his case against the IN Department of 
Corrections. If they tell you that his property has already been sent 
then we need to know on what date it was shipped and what facility 
received it.*/


Joseph Walters, Dep. Director VADOC
joseph.walters at vadoc.virginia.gov 
(Proxy for Harold W. Clarke, Director of the Department of Corrections)

James Park, Interstate Compact Administrator
James.park at vadoc.virginia.gov 

Annette Chambers-Smith, Director of Ohio Depart of Rehabilitation and 
please contact: Melissa Adkins (Executive Assistant)
via email: melissa.adkins at odrc.state.oh.us 

Ronald Erdos, Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, Warden (Lucasville)
drc.socf at odrc.state.ohio.us 

Charlene Burkett, Director DOC Ombudsman Bureau (Indiana)
(317) 234-3190
402 W. Washington St. Room W479
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Ombud at idoa.in.gov 

Richard Brown, Warden
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, Indiana
(812) 398-5050

To learn more about Rashid, check out his website at 

    The Birth, Meaning, and Practice Of Black August (Kevin "Rashid"
    Johnson, 2021)

/[Kevin “Rashid” Johnson has been imprisoned for over 30 years. His 
original conviction stemmed from lumpen activity, but he became a 
revolutionary New Afrikan early in his time inside. He is the author of 
/Defying the Tomb 
and /Panther Vision 
and the Minister of Defense for the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black 
Panther Party. This article was originally posted to Rashid’s website 
on July 21,2021.]/

Black August is a month designated to pay tribute to the true heroes, 
martyrs, and history of New Afrikan (Black) people in our struggle for 
liberation against the over 400 years of violent repression, suffering, 
and exploitation that we’ve endured under the systems of bondage here in 
the Western hemisphere. Many important events and the lives of people 
that occurred and contributed to our struggles fell within the month of 
August, and coincide with our need to know, remember, and commemorate 
the people and events that have fed the flames of our struggle to yet be 

The concept of Black August began in the California prison system in 
response to the assassinations of political prisoners and prisoners of 
war held there, such as George L. Jackson, W.L. Nolen, Jeffrey “Joka 
Khatari” Gaulden, and others. Joka Khatari, a torch-bearer of Comrade 
George Jackson, died on August 1, 1978. He died at the hands of 
California prison officials at San Quentin, who refused him medical care 
for head injuries sustained while playing football.

It was Joka Khatari’s death that first inspired the concept of Black 
August among New Afrikans imprisoned in California. Initially it 
commemorated the lives and deaths of George L. Jackson, who was murdered 
by California prison guards on August 21, 1971; his brother Jonathan 
Jackson, and James D. McClain and William Christmas, who died during an 
armed action to free Comrade George and others staged at the Marin 
County Courthouse on August 7, 1970; and W.L. Nolen, Alvin “Fig” Miller, 
and Cleveland Miller who were assassinated by prison guards during a 
racial melee that was instigated by the pigs at Soledad Prison on 
January 13, 1970.

Since its early beginnings, Black August has grown to embrace many 
significant events and people in our history of struggle in Amerika, 
especially those that have occurred during the month of August.

Black August is now celebrated each year by our people across the Diaspora.

Commemorating Black August is not simply a holiday observance, but a 
time of reflection, recognition, fortification, consciousness-building, 
and inspiration. The events and people it pays tribute to demonstrated 
the greatest sacrifices and commitment, and represent a higher awareness 
of and ongoing service to New Afrikans as a collective people, as a 
distinct nationality and community of people. But for these struggles 
and people and their sacrifices, we would not have survived until today. 
Black August cannot be looked upon lightly.

Our economic practices during Black August embrace community socialist 
values of mutual aid and support, not individual profit and exploitation 
of others that is the very basis of the suffering we have endured for 
centuries, and are the values that the U.S. capitalist imperialist 
system works to indoctrinate us with, to make us predatory against 
ourselves and others in its own image.

During the month of Black August, we practice fasting, exercise (twice 
daily or as our health permits), political education (educating us in 
New Afrikan history and the values of revolutionary theory and 
practice), and refrain from prison commissary purchases as much as 
possible, and instead rely on mutual support.

Black August serves to instill practice and values in us that will 
develop our ways of thinking and being 365 days per year, and to become 
the people of the liberated future that we are fighting to create for 
ourselves, for all oppressed peoples, and especially for those that will 
come after us!

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!

All Power to the People!

info at kersplebedeb.com 


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