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We learned just last week that our beloved elder Russell Maroon Shoatz 
contracted COVID 19.  Maroon is a prisoner in Pennsylvania and a former 
Black Panther who has been imprisoned since 1970. He is 77 years old.
He has been living with stage 4 colon cancer since last year. And just 
as he was exiting the prison walls last week to get the tumor removed at 
a hospital, he was stopped at the door and asked to take a COVID test. 
He tested positive. Immediately they sent him to a small gymnasium where 
others with COVID are being quarantined in the prison. When he got 
there, he found 29 senior prisoners who said to him: "welcome. We've 
been waiting for you, we figured it wasn't long before you got it too."
This means that there are 30 seniors with COVID in a dank, cold 
gymnasium in a prison in PA. They are being held under the most inhumane 
conditions imaginable. 30 men including Maroon had access to only one 
bathroom. Maroon was put in a space without a light and had go to the 
bathroom on himself because he couldn't risk getting up and falling.
Maroon's family and the community mobilized and we won his transfer to 
the infirmary. But we need him to come home.
But this human rights catastrophe is repeating itself across the state 
and across the country because prisons are a death trap in the age of 
COVID. Prisons are on lock down in PA right now because the virus is 
spreading like a storm. Country's around the world like Iran and Turkey 
but the United States has refused to decarcerate it's mostly black and 
latinx prison population.
Russell Maroon Shoatz is no danger to his community. He has stage 4 
cancer and he has COVID. The civilized and humane thing to do is to 
allow him to go home to his family. We are asking for his immediate 
release and for the immediate release of all other aging prisoners over 
the age of 50 and those with pre-existing conditions for whom 
incarceration is a death sentence. We ask for the immediately and 
unconditional release of Maroon!!

  * *All PA-based organizations, please sign a community letter
    the immediate release of Russel Maroon Shoatz. *

  * *New Go-Fund Me
    to support the Shoatz Family *
  * *For sample tweets and graphics, check out the #FreeMaroon Social
    media kit

  * *Continue to Call Governor Tom Wolfe Contact: (717) 787-2500
      o Russell Shoatz’s health is rapidly deteriorating. DOC#AF3855 and
        demand Immediate Release of Russel Maroon Shoatz. They track the
        calls from different phones and how many times they same number
        calls so please keep calling and activate your networks.





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