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Via Daniel McGowan

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I am happy to report that Jared (Jay) Chase has finally been released 
from prison after eight+ hard years. Jay was one of the NATO 3, arrested 
in 2012 in Chicago, Illinois in an entrapment scheme organized by the 
Chicago police department.

This was the first time the state of Illinois charged people with 
conspiracy to commit terrorism, and it was simply for protesting NATO 
Thanks to many awesome people on their legal team, and broader community 
support, they were found not guilty on all terrorism related charges Jay 
and his two codefendants were convicted on one felony. Jay was sentenced 
to the longest time 
8 years.

This sentence was beyond terrible but especially awful because Jay Chase 
has Huntington's disease. 
He was diagnosed with it back in 2013 and the disease has been 
progressing since then. Huntington's is a terminal disease that affects 
his motor skills and cognitive ability.

Jay is out, but he has a long fight ahead of him with this disease. 
There is no cure for Huntington's but there is treatment that can slow 
symptoms and prolong life. Jay did not receive proper health care in 
Illinois state prisons but we want to get him proper care now that he is 

*_Donations will be used to:_*
1) get Jay set up with basic necessities people need,
2) medical care, and
3) housing.

Personally, I got involved in this case about 2015 when I noticed no one 
had heard from Jay in a bit. I watched the case from a distance but was 
dealing with getting out of prison and adjusting to life outside myself 
in the early part of the case. Jay has had a hard road and its been 
tough trying to figure out how to support him as the terminal disease he 
has has affected him so badly. On a positive note, I know most of my 
Chicago friends due to my trying to support Jay in 2015.

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