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Loud and Clear: Hunger Strike & Honking Actions at NWDC
March 31, 2020
Yesterday We Were Loud and Clear at NWDC,
Today We Went Back
*Today is the fourth day of the Derrumbando Fronteras Hunger Strike at the
NWDC, *and day two of the #FreeThemAll National Week of Action. Follow us
on Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/LaResistenciaNW/>, Instagram
<https://instagram.com/laresistencianw>, or Twitter
<https://twitter.com/resistencianw> to join in the daily call to actions
and demand the immediate release of all people in immigration detention in
response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To kick off the week of action, we went to the Northwest Detention Center
on Monday. We were 24 cars deep and made it loud and clear: #FreeThemAll! Watch
our Day 1 livestream here
<https://www.facebook.com/LaResistenciaNW/videos/319693392338516/>. CLICK
HERE for Day 1 Call to Action

Today, we went back because ICE and GEO are deporting people again, despite
the realities of a global pandemic. 21 cars  greeted all the people who
were loaded onto deportation buses at 5:30am with honks and chants of "No
Estan Solxs, You are Not Alone": Day 2 livestream here
CLICK HERE for Day 2 Call to Action <https://tinyurl.com/FreeThemAllDay2>. The
buses are heading to the Yakima airport as this is being written at 6am.

Today, La Resistencia, Tsuru for Solidarity, and Never Again Seattle drove
to the Northwest Detention Center for a caravan rally calling for the
immediate release of everyone detained at the Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) facility, operated by GEO Group. This is the second
straight day groups have gathered with over 35 people participating in the
caravan rally yesterday in 24 cars, honking and yelling to release people.
This morning’s rally was timed at 5am to coincide with the departure of
deportation buses from the facility. Yesterday we put the pressure directly
on ICE Field Office Director Nathalie Asher. Today we put the pressure on
Governor Jay Inslee and Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards to use their powers
to release people and shut the detention center down. Let's make sure they
feel the heat!

*CLICK HERE for Day 1 Call to Action
CLICK HERE for Day 2 Call to Action
<https://tinyurl.com/FreeThemAllDay2> to find our latest calls to actions
and how you can work to #FreeThemAll from your home. Also, follow our
partners at Familia: Trans Queer Liberation
<https://www.facebook.com/Familiatqlm/> for updates on Trans Day of
Visibility. *

Over the weekend news broke of a hunger strike inside the facility
where over 300 people are refusing all food amidst Coronavirus exposure

"We want to be released because in here there's no protection from the
virus...We are on hunger strike because we know it's not true that we will
receive medical care here in NWDC," said a striker on Saturday to Maru
Mora-Villalpando of La Resistencia in a phone call.

Today over XX people participated in the caravan rally with over XX cars to
amplify the urgent need to release people from detention now. Hunger
strikers vow to continue until ICE and GEO respond to their demands, which
include: 1) Provide humanitarian temporary visa for those inside; 2)
Reunite those detained with their families; 3) Stop all deportation and
immigration proceedings until the pandemic has concluded.
  “For weeks we have been ringing the alarm bell to release people now,”
said Mora-Villalpando. “Detention centers are a hotbed of infection. ICE’s
shameful record of medical negligence, poor sanitation that only worsens in
times of crisis, and demonstrated inability to properly respond to past
infectious disease outbreaks creates a ticking time bomb over concerns of a
COVID-19 outbreak in immigration detention.”

The call by advocates to release all people from immigration detention has
been validated by 3,000 doctors who say people must be released
now to flatten the COVID-19 curve. A new report by Detention Watch
Network, Courting
Catastrophe: How ICE is Gambling with Immigrant Lives Amid a Global Pandemic
details how ICE has proven repeatedly that they are not capable of caring
for people in their custody.

“People must be released now,” said Stanley Shikuma of Tsuru for
Solidarity. “We stand in solidarity with hunger strikers who are bravely
protesting their incarceration and the complete lack of transparency by ICE
under a global pandemic.”

Greta Treistman, a member of Never Again Seattle, shares why she’s
participating in the carvan rally today, “Many Jews have whole sections of
our family trees that are missing due to conditions that included detention
centers like the one we are outside of today. We have seen this before and
won’t let it happen again. We demand that all those detained be released
and the NWDC be shut down.”
*#FreeThemAll National Week of Action*
HERE: *www.tinyurl.com/FreeThemAllPledge

*Every day has a different call to action and target. Stay updated with the
specifics here, bit.ly/FreeThemAllAction
or make sure to us on Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/laresistencianw>,
Instagram <https://www.instagram.com/laresistencianw/>, or Twitter
<https://twitter.com/resistencianw> as we share daily action items! *
Let's Celebrate and Honor Trans Migrants on #TransDayOfVisibility
Let's remember that detention and deportation harms everyone, and trans
migrants face specific forms of abuse and violation within this horrifying
system. Our partners at Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement
<https://www.facebook.com/Familiatqlm/> are leading us today in lifting up
trans migrants who are fighting for freedom and dignity, and honoring the
legacy of our trans elders and community members who have shown us how to
fight for trans liberation and migrant justice.

>From our partners at Familia: "¡Lorena Borjas, Presente!
We are sad to share of the passing of Lorena Borjas due to coronavirus.
Lorena Borjas was a trans elder who was one of the very first people to
help many trans migrant women back before the issues affecting trans
migrant women were being talked about. Lorena Borjas paved the way for many
of us fighting for trans and queer liberation and our movement will not be
the same without her. Lorena Borjas might not with us physically but her
fighting spirit lives on in each person who met her and we know that we
will all continue her fight, always."

If you'd like to make a contribution to the Transgender Emergency Fund that
Lorena created before her passing for trans people who are being hit hard
by COVID-19, please go here
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