[Pnews] Arab League Demands Israel Release Palestinian Prisoners

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  Arab League Demands Israel Release Palestinian Prisoners

Rami Almeghari - March 23, 2020

The League of Arab States, consisting of 22 Arab countries, addressed 
international human rights organizations and other relevant bodies, on 
Monday, what they describe as an imperative release of thousands of 
Palestinian prisoners, from Israeli jails.

A press release, issued by the Deputy-Secretary General of the Arab 
States’ League for the Israel-occupied Arab and Palestinian Territories’ 
Affairs, Said Abu Ali, was in response to a worldwide Coronavirus 
(COVID-19) crisis.

The statement read that all relevant international conventions and the 
international law consider providing protection for prisoners as 
imperative, especially in times of pandemics, such as the current global 

Mr. Abu Ali called on key international countries to pressure Israeli 
authorities for the release of 5,000 Palestinian prisoners, including 
hundreds of elderly with poor immunity, 180 juveniles and 43 women, to 
prevent the prison population from contracting and spreading the 
contagious disease.

Abu Ali also called for ensuring protection and proper safety measures 
for the thousands of Palestinian prisoners, inside Israeli jails.

The Arab-Palestinian official’s appeal comes in the backdrop of media 
reports that Coronavirus cases inside Israel has so far reached several 
hundreds, with some Israeli health officials warning that the number 
could increase to thousands, unless more necessary measures are taken.

Earlier on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly 
imposed a total lockdown all across Israel, citing growing concerns that 
the virus could widely spread in the upcoming weeks.

Palestinian media reports confirmed that four Palestinian prisoners in 
the Israeli Megedo prison, one of the largest Israeli detention 
facilities for Palestinians, have tested positive for COVID-19. The 
Palestinian Government has also increased 
precautions in the occupied West Bank.

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