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  Israel stops providing cleaning products to Palestine detainees

March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020 at 12:10 pm

Palestinian prisoners have today rejected their meals in protest against 
the Israeli Prison Service’s plans to stop supplying 140 products, 
including cleaning products, from the canteen and halt medical visits 
for detainees.

There are approximately 1,200 prisoners in need of treatment who suffer 
from medical negligence. Some 700 urgently need surgery and 24 suffer 
with cancer.According to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club, 90 per cent of 
prisoners have become ill while in prison due to poor conditions and 
negligence which may have exacerbated their health.

Palestinian rights group Addameer’s Alaa Alskafi said: “We sent a letter 
to Israeli authorities, asking them about any coronavirus measures they 
take in their prisons. They replied only that they have prevented prison 
visits from families and lawyers.”

This was however brought into question as Israeli prison authorities are 
also banning Palestinian detainees from communicating with their 
families via telephone.

Addameer also noted that while prison authorities are supposed to 
provide sterilisers they have banned nearly 150 cleaning materials from 
the canteen.Ali Almoghrabi, spokesman of the Asra information office, 
said: “The Israeli prison system is the perfect environment for disease 
like coronavirus to spread easily among inmates due to the regularly 
overcrowded and unsanitary cell conditions.”The authorities don’t take 
any preventive measures for Palestinian prisoners, even though they deal 
directly with their Israeli jailers, who of course can also become 
infected.”Rights groups have called for the immediate release 
<http://v/> of 500 Palestinian prisoners who are currently jailed in 
Israeli administrative detention without charge or trial, in an effort 
to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.



  Israeli Prison Services’ Measures in Regards to Covid-19

March 16, 2020

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and detention centers 
constantly suffer from clear medical negligence. At the moment, while 
the world is suffering from the pandemic, covid-19, Palestinian 
prisoners are still suffering medical negligence. Despite the fact that 
prisons are over-crowded, rooms, cells and sections are small, and lack 
proper ventilation the Israeli Prison Services is yet to make clear 
preventive procedures. In addition to this, Israeli prisons lack 
sterilizers, cleaning materials, and medications such as antibiotics and 
necessary nutrition.

This comes in spite of Addameer’s letter to the Israeli Prison Services 
last week asking about the preventive procedures taken in prisons to 
protect Palestinian prisoners from covid-19. Addameer did not receive 
any official response until this moment, though some prisoner were given 
certain cleaning materials.

Part of the recent procedure the Israeli occupation authorities took 
were canceling all family visits. Since the beginning of March 2020, all 
family visits to prisoners were suspended until no further notice. 
Furthermore, there are new instructions to also suspend lawyers’ 
counseling visits. Also, on 15 March 2020, the Israeli occupation 
authorities issued emergency instructions which included instructions on 
court procedures for civil courts in the Israeli occupation prisons.

*Lawyers’ and family visits to Israeli detention centers and prisons are 
suspended – 2020*

The Israeli occupation authorities gave the Minister of Security the 
authorization to prevent lawyers and visits the entry to detention 
centers and prisons. They also announced that those instructions are 
valid for one month subject to renewal for another month. The 
instructions also included allowing the prisoner or detainee legal 
counseling via phone call with his lawyer, whether upon his/her own 
request or the lawyer’s request. The new instructions do not prevent 
interrogators from taking any procedures against detainees who are yet 
to be charged.

As for security prisoners who are charged and sentenced, they are 
allowed a phone call to their lawyer in case of further legal procedures 
to their files, such as appeals. Those prisoners are allowed one phone 
call prior to the legal procedure and another after it, but with the 
supervision of the prison administration. The length of this phone call 
can also be determined by the prison administration.

As for Israeli military courts, detainees who are held at Israeli 
interrogation centers, will have their court sessions, extensions of 
detention periods, with the having both the detainee and his/her lawyer. 
In cases where the detainee is issued an order banning lawyers’ visits, 
the ban order will continue as usual despite the state of emergency. As 
for other procedural sessions, the military court is postponing the 

As for security prisoners from Jerusalem who are having their trial at 
Israeli civil courts, the Israeli occupation authorities instructed that 
their sessions will be held with their absence. The sessions will be 
held with the lawyer and the detainee will be allowed to be in contact 
through visual or sound communication method from the prison.

Even at the Israeli High Court, Addameer found that it was necessary for 
the court to intervene to end the ban order on meeting the lawyer issued 
against the prisoner Muhammad Abu Salah. The court found un-necessary to 
intervene in the ban order despite the state of emergency virus covid-19 
have caused.

Finally, the new instruction did allow lawyers visits in certain 
emergency cases. The suspended visits do not include the regularly 
conducted visits by the ICRC to Palestinian prisoners. Also, all the 
mention instructions are taken with all prisoners including Palestinian 
children in Israeli detention.

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