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Manning just spent another birthday behind bars.
Sign the Petition: Free Chelsea Manning Now Judge Anthony Trenga

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In 2010, former military intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning disclosed
earth-shattering information about the nature of asymmetric warfare and
U.S. handling of global affairs. *And she paid dearly for it. *Chelsea was
incarcerated for years, including long stretches in solitary confinement,
under conditions that the United Nations condemned
as torture.

After millions of people around the world spoke out and demanded her
release, Chelsea’s sentence was commuted
But the US government did not stop persecuting her.

*Now, Chelsea has been back in jail for nine months, and faces nine more.
Not because she has committed any crime, but because of her conscientious
objection to participating in a secretive grand jury investigation into the
publication of her 2010 disclosures.*

Between their original forensic investigation and Chelsea’s detailed
statement at court martial, the government gained exhaustive knowledge
about her role in the disclosures. They have no need for her testimony—they
obtained at least one indictment a full year before she was called to
testify before the grand jury, and disclosed another two months after she
was jailed for her refusal to do so.

Chelsea’s refusal to participate in this process is part of a long history
of resistance to grand juries, which are routinely used to harass and
entrap activists, journalists, and truth tellers. In a shocking move, the
judge in the case has imposed
massive fines on Chelsea, charging her $1,000 per day while the US
government holds her in “coercive confinement,” ostensibly to convince her
to agree to their demand that she give testimony to the grand jury.

We know Chelsea Manning’s name because she is a principled and fearless
advocate for her beliefs. She is prepared to spend another nine months in
confinement, and to bear the crushing debt of these unprecedented fines.
Senior U.S. officials, including the Secretary of State and the President
himself have publicly expressed their hostility toward her. It could not be
more clear that the government wishes to punish Chelsea further for her
2010 disclosures. It could not be more clear that she will never comply
with the grand jury.

Chelsea has already served half of the 18 month maximum that the government
can hold her. She’s about to spend another birthday in a jail cell. The US
government has no legal justification for continuing to imprison her. This
must stop. *Sign the petition now to send the following letter to Judge
Trenga demanding Chelsea Manning’s immediate release.*

* To: Judge Anthony Trenga *
* From:  *

Dear Honorable Judge Trenga,

I am writing to ask you to recognize that continuing to keep Chelsea
Manning behind bars is both futile and cruel. She is known to the world as
a principled advocate, and everything she does and says demonstrates her
strong will and commitment to her ideals. Her testimony in this grand jury
is not needed, and her current incarceration appears to be an attempt to
punish her further for past offenses. As she will never be convinced to
betray her principles, even by jail time or burdensome fines, her
imprisonment does not serve the interests of the grand jury, the
government, the court, or the law.

Please make the right decision and order her release so that she may return
to her community and heal in peace.
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