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Maroon's Latest Health Update Maroon says Thank You!
Here’s Maroon’s latest update to his global support network.


I was transferred from the Northeast to the Southwest of Pennsylvania on 
August 22nd of this year. Now being kept in the prison infirmary, in a 
section designed to cut costs of treating this state’s prisoners 
suffering from cancer. Was administered chemotherapy for three days this 
week. The oncologist here told me that will continue—three days, every 
three weeks, for six months—ALL done right here in this prison. 
Afterwards, I'm told, I will be taken to an outside hospital and undergo 
a test to evaluate what was accomplished. Tolerating the chemotherapy so 

Since it's clear that the prison system is bent on "cost savings," my 
family and supporters are now, and will continue to, closely monitor, 
evaluate, and respond to my treatment and condition. That includes 
outside medical and legal people, as well as immediate family members 
who have stepped up in order to place as much support around me as 
possible. In that regard, I want to extend to all of those who are 
contributing to this multi-pronged "medical advocacy" my heartfelt thanks.

Perhaps this experience will allow me to better understand the 
shortcomings of continuing to imprison the elderly and infirm, and allow 
me to more effectively debunk such senseless policies.

In Solidarity!

_Donate here 
<https://wordpress.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a92e146ece8f88fdea6743338&id=8b90eab14b&e=4469dbc426>._ Please 
give generously in this moment of heightened urgency.

We invite you to write Maroon directly and send him words of encouragement:

Smart Connections/PA DOC
Russell Shoats #AF-3855
SCI-Fayette PO Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733

*Voicemails for Maroon*

etta cetera, friend of Maroon, is collecting voice messages to play over 
the phone when he calls. Last week she was able to play four messages 
for him which people recorded and sent, including Hakim Ali, Ricky Olds, 
Laura Whitehorn, and Andrew from NYC black cross.

Thank you for these messages. It is very moving to share your actual 
voice with Maroon.

If you would like to leave him a voice message please text recorded 
voice memos or audio texts to 443-603-6964. You can also send an MP3 
recorded message to _writealetta at gmail.com_ from your computer or phone.

Also, if you want to call and leave a message, that works too, just text 
first, saying "Don't pick up the phone, I'm about to call to leave a 
voice message for Maroon." Please say your name, where you are calling 
from, and a brief message. Try to keep it around a minute or two.

Many thanks for your phenomenal support. We’ll continue to keep everyone 
updated on Maroon’s health and next steps.

The Shoatz Family and Friends

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