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  Take Action: Urgent Call to Save Palestinian Hunger Strikers

September 3, 2019

Currently there are *eight **administrative detainees on hunger 
strike* against administrative detention, longest of them is Huthaifa 
Halabiya, on day 65 of his hunger strike. There are also Ahmad Ghannam 
on his 53 day of the strike, Sultan Khluf 48 days, Ismael Ali 45 days, 
Tariq Qadan 35, Nasser al'Jadaa' 28 days, Thaer Hamdan 23 days and Fadi 
al-Hroub 22 days. All of these prisoners are in solitary confiment, some 
are still in prison cells and some were transferred to al-Ramleh prison 

Huthaifa Halabiya was transferred to a civil hospital yesterday, 2 
September 2019. Addameer's lawyer visits Huthaifa and other hunger 
strikers regularly, they are all suffering a serious deterioration in 
their health. Currently, Huthafia cannot see or hear well and also 
cannot move his body anymore. In addition to this, he stopped drinking 
water three days ago on 1 September 2019. There is a serious danger on 
his life and the lives of the other hunger strikers.

Addameer emphasizes that the policy of administrative detention is used 
against Palestinians as a form of repression and collective punishment 
that violates all international norms and amounts to torture. *And so, 
as the strike continues, Addameer Prisoner Support urges supporters of 
justice around the world to take action to support the Palestinian 
prisoners whose bodies and lives are on the line for freedom and dignity.*

The issue of Palestinian prisoners and detainees held in Israeli prisons 
and detention centers transcends one of individual human rights; it is 
also one of collective rights of an entire people – the Palestinian 
people, who continue to be deprived of the right to self-determination 
and sovereignty – basic fundamentals of international law. All 
Palestinian political prisoners – regardless of their alleged political 
affiliations or charges – are entitled to fair trial guarantees under 
international humanitarian law and international human rights laws. 
Palestinian political prisoners and detainees are systematically 
subjected to torture and ill-treatment with continued impunity – 
highlighting the need for more solidarity actions from people around the 
globe to call for immediate release of all Palestinian political 
prisoners, long-denied their basic rights.

*Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association urges all people 
to organize events in solidarity with the struggle of hunger-striking 
prisoners and detainees.  Stand in solidarity with Palestinian 
hunger-strikers, raise awareness about them, help us pressure the 
Israeli occupation authorities to respect the prisoner’s basic rights.*


 1. *Join Addameer social media campaign aims at raising awareness:
    *hold a sign saying* #Hunger_Strike_for_Dignity, #PalHunger,
    #Free_Palestinian_Political_Prisoners, or #StopAD (administrative
    detention campaign), #NotATarget (Human Rights Defenders campaign),
    *and share either a picture of you holding a sign or just the
    hashtag along with a picture of a prisoner or a detainee on social
    media (twitter and facebook) to raise awareness.
 2. *Organize a protest, demonstration, speaking event or banner drop
    *in your city*, *community or campus calling for the immediate
    release of all Palestinian political prisoners and to show
    solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners and detainees.
 3. *Contact decision makers directly*. Listed below are the contact
    details for the relevant decision makers. Please, take a minute out
    of your day, and reach out directly to them to urge them to
    respective the rights and release all political prisoners
    arbitrarily detained in their prisons.
 4. *Contact your own representatives*. No matter what country you are
    from, if you have access to your representatives, please contact
    them directly about the issue. Pressure is built by pressing on
    those who will listen, and having them pass the message up the chain
    of decisions makers. The only way to do so is to have a sufficient
    amount of people reach out and express a desire that your government
    act on the issue.
 5. *Join BDS Campaign: *Organize an action at HP office in your city to
    highlight the role of corporations involved in – and profiting from
    – the political imprisonment of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation.
 6. *Join Addameer’s campaigns and their Call to Action: *Addameer has
    two major campaigns: Stop Administrative Detention campaign
    <http://www.addameer.org/Campaign/stop-administrative-detention> and
    the Human Rights Defenders.
    <http://www.addameer.org/Campaign/human-rights-defenders> You could
    use any of addameer’s materials prepared for these two campaigns or
    any other materials on Addameer’s website.
 7. *Send an email to* *info at addameer.ps* <mailto:info at addameer.ps>* or
    to our Facebook page
    <https://www.facebook.com/AddameerAssociation/> to let us know about
    any actions you are planning and we can help you in any possible way.*

*Attorney General*

Avihai Mendelbilt

Ministry of Justice

29 Salah al-Din Street

Jerusalem 91010, Israel

Fax: +972 2 530 3367 <tel:+972%202-530-3367>

Email: ishkat-yoetz at justice.gov.il <mailto:ishkat-yoetz at justice.gov.il>

*Commander of the IOF – West Bank*

General Nadav Padan

GOC Central Command

Military Post 01149, Battalion 877

1111 at idf.gov.il <mailto:1111 at idf.gov.il>

Fax: +972 2 530 5741 <tel:+972%202-530-5741>, +972 2 530 5724 

*Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu*

Prime Minister's Office

3 Kaplan St. Hakirya


Fax: +972 <tel:+972%202-530-5724>-2-6496659

Email: bnetanyahu at KNESSET.GOV.IL <mailto:bnetanyahu at KNESSET.GOV.IL>

Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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