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  Israel releases Jordanian prisoners

November 6, 2019

Two Jordanian citizens detained in Israel have been released and have 
returned to Jordan, bringing the diplomatic crisis between the two 
countries to a close.

Jordanian citizen Heba Al-Labadi (C) was released from an Israeli prison 
and has returned to Jordan on 6 November 2019

Twenty-four-year-old Heba Al-Labadi and 29-year-old Abdul Rahman Miri 
were released this morning after Israel announced 
their planned release yesterday. The pair made their way back to Jordan 
via the Allenby crossing.

Following their arrest on what Israel claimed was “security” grounds, a 
campaign and protests 
were launched demanding their release.  Al-Labadi launched a hunger 
strike against her administrative detention – arrest without charge or 
trial – which she continued for 41 days. She ended her protest yesterday.

Jordan also recalling 
its ambassador Ghassan Al-Majali from Israel in protest, however he has 
now said he will return to his post.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced that 
“Jordan will return its ambassador to Israel in the coming days, after 
an agreement was reached between the countries for the transferring of 
the responsibility of the two arrested Jordanians in Israel to the 
Jordanian security forces.”

“Israel views the relationship between Jordan and Israel as a 
cornerstone of regional stability, and will continue to act to ensure 
the region’s security,” he continued.

Reports repeatedly surfaced of Al-Labadi’s torture 
at the hands of Israeli authorities during her detention, including 
details of her being held in stress positions, being forcibly stripped 
and watched, and living in squalid conditions plagued 
by cockroaches.

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