[Pnews] Palestinian political leader, leftist and feminist, Khalida Jarrar's detention extended

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  Palestinian political leader, leftist and feminist, Khalida Jarrar's
  detention extended

November 3, 2019

On Sunday, 3 November, the Israeli military court at Ofer prison 
extended the detention of Palestinian political leader, leftist and 
feminist Khalida Jarrar 
for eight more days. As reported by Jarrar’s daughter Yafa on social 
media, the military prosecution relied on secret evidence to keep Jarrar 
locked up.

Jarrar was seized in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday, 31 October by over 
70 armed soldiers and 12 military vehicles invading her Ramallah home. 
Her arrest came only eight months after she was released from 20 months 
of Israeli administrative detention: imprisonment without charge or 
trial, once again on the basis of secret evidence. Detention orders are 
issued for up to six months at a time, and they can be indefinitely 
extended. As a result, Palestinians regularly spend years at a time in 
Israeli prison without charge or trial.

There are currently approximately 450 people held under administrative 
detention without charge or trial, out of approximately 5,000 total 
Palestinian political prisoners. Several administrative detainees are 
conducting a long-term hunger strike, including 24-year-old youth 
activist Heba al-Labadi, a Palestinian with Jordanian citizenship seized 
by occupation forces when she entered Palestine with her mother to 
attend a wedding in Nablus.

We urge people around the world to participate in the Days of Action for 
Palestinian Political Prisoners between 8-11 November 2019 
We are focusing on the cases of Khalida Jarrar, Heba al-Labadi and 
tortured husband and father Samer Arbeed, shackled, tear-gassed and 
under interrogation in Hadassah prison after Israeli occupation forces 
beat him into unconsciousness and broke 11 of his ribs.

As Yafa Jarrar noted, “International pressure has made the difference in 
how quickly mom gets released in the past.” All 5,000 Palestinian 
political prisoners need your support in their struggle for justice and 

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