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  Inhumane Illegal Treatment Widespread in Israel Prisons: Report

Published 19 May 2019

A new report has found that prisoners in Israeli jails are often kept in 
facilities "unfit for human residence" and constantly face illegal 
punitive measures, according to a probe made by the Israeli Public 
Defense Office (PDO) published on May 12.

    Israel Detained 500 Palestinians, Including 89 Children So Far in

“This is a nationwide problem that causes a daily violation of 
prisoners’ and detainees’ basic rights and a violation of their human 
rights,” the report reads, based on findings made on surprise visits 
conducted by PDO staff to various facilities between 2017 and 2018.

The report found that inmates are often kept in facilities “unfit for 
human residence”. Sanitation issues were found in 19 prison facilities, 
some of these problems included mold in prison walls, and the presence 
of mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, and rats infesting cells and beds.  At 
Ayalon Prison, some prisoners said they prefer sleeping on the floor 
because of bedbugs in the mattresses.

The report also pointed out that in 16 cases, the space for each 
prisoner was half of the less than the bare minimum of three square 
meters per inmate currently required by the High Court of Justice. A 
lack of working toilets, windows and delivery of fresh clothes was 

“Two other minors said that while in solitary confinement, their 
mattresses were taken during the day so they were forced to lie on metal 
beds,” the report added.

However, the most worrying matters are the systematic violations of 
human rights. Some of the illegal measures found were the use of 
strip-searches as a punitive measure or “deterrent”, especially in 
Ayalon Prison, where it seems to be a routine practice.

The PDO also reported on the binding of inmates to their beds for hours 
even days. In some cases, prisoners defecated on themselves as they had 
been tied for long periods of time in hurtful positions with their hands 
above their heads.

The constant disregard of physical an mental health of the prisoners is 
also a common situation. One prisoner was sprayed with water and forced 
to stay in wet clothes for several days.

Back in January 2019, Strategic Affairs and Public Security Minister 
Gilad Erdan said, referring to Palestinian prisoners as 
"terrorists", that making "conditions worse is necessary both to create 
deterrence and to fulfill our moral duty to terror victims and their 

According to the Palestinian Prisoners and Former Prisoners’ Affairs 
Committee, as of Jan. 31, around 5,700 Palestinians were held in Israeli 
prisons, including 48 women, and 230 children under 18 years of age. The 
report noted that the use of binding to the beds is specially used at 
Ofek Prison, where only teenagers are jailed.

The total number of administrative detainees is at 500, with around 95 
Palestinians being held in administrative detention without charge or 
trial in the same month, 50 of them were newly detained. Some 
Palestinian prisoners have been held in administrative detention for up 
to 11 years.

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