[Pnews] Jamil Al-Amin Case is Back in Court - Decision from the federal appeals court is days or even weeks away

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Fri May 3 16:34:59 EDT 2019

  /A decision from the three judge federal appeals court panel is likely
  days or even weeks away./

  Al-Amin cop killer case returns to court

*He was a civil rights figure turned Black Panther named H. Rap Brown *

Author: Doug Richards- May 3, 2019 - 

ATLANTA — Attorneys for a onetime civil rights figure were in court 
today trying to get his conviction overturned for killing a cop.  Jamil 
Al-Amin was a Muslim cleric living in Atlanta when a Fulton county 
deputy was shot to death in 2000.

"We drove all night to get up here," said Razakhan Wali of Philadelphia, 
who was outside the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in downtown Atlanta. 
  He says he joined the Black Panther party co-founded in the 1960s by 
Jamil Al-Amin when he was known as H. Rap Brown.  Brown had split from 
the non-violent civil rights movement to advance a more militant message 
of black power.

"He was a spokesman for black power, but in the best sense of it," said 
Constance Curry says she was a friend of Brown before he converted to 
Islam, changed his name, and became a Muslim cleric. After he moved to 
Atlanta’s West End, he became a community leader. "He used to say black 
power doesn’t mean black people want the power," Curry said. "It means 
they want to be able to exercise the powers that they won."

  It was in the West End neighborhood in March 2000 where two Fulton 
County sheriff deputies approached Al-Amin’s house to serve him a 
warrant.  A shootout erupted. Al-Amin fled – and was captured and 
charged with the killing of deputy Ricky Kinchen.

The evidence against Al-Amin included his bullet-riddled automobile – 
and guns found near where he was captured, the ballistics of which 
matched the bullets fired at the deputies. A surviving deputy also 
identified Al-Amin as the killer in court.

Yet his supporters maintain his innocence.

"Cleaned up half of Atlanta before they framed him. And that’s exactly 
what they did," said Wali.

"It was obvious he wasn’t guilty," Curry said. "It was all wrong. It was 
all untrue evidence."

Al-Amin's backers point to statements made by the deputies that they had 
struck their assailant with gunfire.  Another man with a gunshot injury 
later confessed to the crime, but prosecutors said it wasn't credible.  
When he was captured, Al-Amin had no gunshot injuries.

Al Amin’s attorneys argued that prosecutors violated Al-Amin’s right 
against self-incrimination by presenting a mock cross examination//of 
him during closing arguments at his trial. A federal judge has described 
that as unconstitutional – but not enough to re-try the case.

"At this point, we’re just trying to make sure that this (appeals) court 
understands there was a harm associated with that constitutional 
violation," said Kairi Al-Amin, the son of the convicted cleric. He says 
Al-Amin has limited expectations for the appeal to actually win a new 
trial.  "We believe that we have more than enough to not only get us a 
new trial but to get my father out at some point," the younger Al-Amin 
said.  "But we also understand this is a precedent setting situation" 
requiring the court to expand its outlook on what type of courtroom 
irregularities can trigger a new trial.

A decision from the three judge federal appeals court panel is likely 
days or even weeks away.

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