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  Administrative detainees continue their open hunger strike… Addameer’s
  lawyer visits two of the strikers

July 18, 2019

According to the documentation unit at Addameer Prisoner Support and 
Human Rights Association, six administrative detainees are continuing 
their hunger strike in order to end their administrative detention. 
These detainees include Jafar Ezzedin who has reached day 33 of his 
strike, Ahmed Zahran who has reached day 26 of his strike, Mohammed Abu 
Akker, Huthayfa Halabiya, and Mustafa Hassanat who have all three 
reached day 18 of their strike as well as Hassan al-Zighary who has 
reached day 9 of his strike.

Addameer’s lawyer was able to visit the striking prisoners Jafar Ezzedin 
and Ahmed Zahran who are being held in “Ramle Prison Clinic” yesterday 
and reported that the prisoner Jafar is suffering from continuous head 
pain and dizziness to the point that he fell twice on the ground because 
of persistent nausea. He is also suffering from persistent pain in his 
joints and left kidney as well as vomiting very hot acids, causing 
inflammation and pain in his throat. The striking prisoner reported that 
he refused medical examinations and supplements and estimated that he 
has lost more than 20 kilograms.

Ahmed Zahran reported to Addameer’s lawyer that at first, he was 
suffering from joint pain and dizziness, but now that his health has 
deteriorated more, he suffers from shortness of breath, skin sensitivity 
(rashes and red spots) and heartburn. He cannot stand for very long as 
he has severe back pain and drinking water is very difficult. He has 
also reported his boycott of medical examinations.

According to Addameer’s lawyer, Jafar and Ahmed have faced multiple 
pressure attempts by prison administration to discourage them from 
striking. After they announced their strike, the two prisoners were 
immediately transferred to dirty cells with high humidity. They were 
repeatedly searched, especially at late hours.

After Addameer’s lawyer submitted several requests to visit striking 
prisoners Mohammed Abu Akker, Huthayfa Halabiya, and Mustafa Hassanat, 
the visit was approved and scheduled for today, 18 July 2018. Yesterday, 
the day before the visit, the lawyers were surprised to learn that the 
three prisoners were all transferred to unknown places. Addameer’s 
lawyer was able to confirm their whereabouts today: Huthayfa Halabiya 
was transferred to isolation in “Ayala”, Mohammed Abu Akker was 
transferred to isolation in “Ashkelon”, and Mustafa Hassanat was 
transferred to isolation in “Ohlikdar”. The three prisoners are being 
held in solitary confinement cells that lack even the minimum standards 
of living, posing a greater threat to their health and their lives as 
they enter the 18^th day of their open hunger strike.

In addition to being subjected to harassment in order to pressure them 
to stop their strike, isolation from the outside world, and denial from 
meeting with their lawyers, the occupation authorities have continued to 
take punitive measures that violate the rights of the striking 
prisoners, such as preventing them from receiving family visits and 
using the canteen for a month. These punitive measures usually continue 
and are renewed until the prisoners stop their strike. They are used by 
the occupation authorities as a means to pressure prisoners and punish 
them for their legitimate protest to secure their rights and achieve 
their demands.

Addameer Prison Support and Human Rights Association holds the 
occupation authorities fully responsible for the health and the life of 
the striking prisoners, who are increasingly at risk under the 
conditions that the prisoners are held under. Addameer denounces the 
transfer of the three prisoners made by the occupation authorities a day 
before the lawyer’s scheduled visit and considers this action a 
deliberate attempt to discourage and obstruct the lawyer from seeing and 
reporting the health conditions of the striking prisoners.  Addameer 
calls on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to act 
urgently and quickly to visit the striking prisoners whose lawyers could 
not visit them to follow up on their health status as well as to 
document the violations they are subjected to while in isolation. 
Addameer reiterates its full support for the demands of prisoners on 
hunger strike and emphasizes that administrative detention as it is 
being used by the occupying state against Palestinians violates all 
applicable international norms and may amount to a war crime.

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