[Pnews] Palestinian Prisoner Dies in Solitary Confinement in Israeli Jail

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  Palestinian Prisoner Dies in Solitary Confinement in Israeli Jail

July 16, 2019

A Palestinian has died while in solitary confinement in an Israeli 
prison, the head of the Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs revealed this 

Thirty-one-year-old Nassar Majed Taqatqa, who was being held in Nitzan 
prison, was detained by occupation forces a month ago after they raided 
his house in the occupied West Bank town of Beit Fajjar near Bethlehem, 
Qadri Abu-Baker said.

    Palestinian Prisoners Committee have confirmed the death of Nassar
    Majed Taqatqa, 31, in solitary confinement in Nitzan prison today.
    Nassar had no health issues. pic.twitter.com/uHU8Js0vy1

    — TIMES OF GAZA (@Timesofgaza) July 16, 2019

Two weeks ago Taqatqa was returned to his family home while 
handcuffed, Wafa reported and remained there while his home was 
searched. Jawad Thawabteh, an activist from Bethlehem, said he was 
beaten before being returned to prison.

    Palestinian prisoner dies in solitary confinement in Israeli jail
    weeks after his arrest https://t.co/qlqhtBqmKi
    pic.twitter.com/2g04ptSjwC <https://t.co/2g04ptSjwC>

    — Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish) July 16, 2019

The Palestinian Prisoner Society said Taqatqa was detained on 19 June 
and was still being interrogated when he was declared dead. The cause of 
death has not been revealed nor is it known why he was detained.

His family said that he did not have any medical or health issues before 
he was detained.

/(Middle East Monitor, PC, Social Media)/

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