[Pnews] Israel’s Top Court Approves Punitive Ban on Family Visits for Hamas Prisoners

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  Israel’s Top Court Approves Punitive Ban on Family Visits for Hamas

July 15, 2019

Israel’s top court has given its approval to a punitive ban on family 
visits for Hamas prisoners from the Gaza Strip, a decision slammed by 
human rights activists as “court-sanctioned vengeance”.

In July 2017, Israel banned family visits to Hamas prisoners from Gaza, 
in an apparent bid to pressure the organization over its ongoing 
detention of two Israelis and the remains of two soldiers.

    The court has consistently provided a legal stamp of approval for
    the violation of Palestinians’ rights, including home demolitions,
    detention without trial, expulsion of communities, torture and
    violations of the rights of suspects and due process rights.

    — B'Tselem בצלם بتسيلم (@btselem) July 15, 2019

Following the ban, four Hamas-affiliated prisoners brought a petition to 
the Supreme Court, which was finally rejected last month.

Some 300 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip are in Israeli jails, roughly 
a third of whom are Hamas-affiliated. Even for non-Hamas prisoners, 
Israel imposes draconian restrictions on family visits.

In its ruling, the court acknowledged that family visits are being 
denied as a way of pressuring Hamas rather than based on “concrete 
concern over abuse of the visits by any of the prisoners”.


    Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails launched a hunger strike today to
    protest Israeli authorities installing cellphone jamming technology.
    They will refuse water if their demand for the jamming system to be
    shut down are not met within 7 days.https://t.co/v5693ZsTGS

    — This Ongoing War (@ThisOngoingWar) April 7, 2019

However, this was seen as a denial of a privilege rather than a 
punishment, and a measure justified in the name of “national security”.

B’Tselem noted that Israeli minister Gilad Erdan has justified the ban 
on the basis that it ends “the absurd asymmetry between the conditions 
in which Israelis are held captive without trial by Hamas and the 
conditions terrorists receive here in Israel”.

    Get to know more about the situation of the Palestinian Prisoners in
    the occupation Jails.#TheCage
    pic.twitter.com/gKH2Y5YpSA <https://t.co/gKH2Y5YpSA>

    — Palestinians abroad (@PalesAbroadE) July 14, 2019

According to the human rights group,“this is the entire story in a 
nutshell: not ‘general security conditions’, not ‘proportionality 
tests’, not a balance between ‘privileges’ and weighty considerations”, 
but rather “sheer vengeance”.

B’Tselem also criticized the court for once again providing “a legal 
stamp of approval for the violation of Palestinians’ rights”.

/(Middle East Monitor, PC, Social Media)/

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