[Pnews] Puerto Rican Activist Unfolds Banner from Roof, Gets Arrested

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  Puerto Rican Activist Unfolds Banner from Roof, Gets Arrested

July 15, 2019

The Puerto Rican activist and founder of the environmental group Amig at s 
Del Mar 
(Friends of the Sea), Tito Kayak <https://twitter.com/kayaktito>, was 
arrested Sunday after climbing onto the roof of a local police building 
to show a banner asking for the governor’s resignation.

The police building whose roof Kayak climbed onto, was next door to the 
governor’s mansion. After his protest, he was labeled a “hero” by social 
media users and fellow activists.

As way of preliminary information, the police Commissioner Henry 
Escalera said that Kayak was arrested for the felony of trespassing on a 
private building. Meanwhile, one of Kayak’s lawyers said the lawsuit 
against Kayak was made up.

“The head of the prosecutors waited until midnight to say that Tito 
Kayak has to stay under custody and won’t be processed until Monday. I 
feel ashamed of the manners of our justice system. The country continues 
its journey towards disrepute”.

Hundreds of protestors took to Puerto Rico's streets last weekend, 
demanding governor’s Ricardo Rosello's resignation after an 889-page 
document, published by the non-profit journalism group Centro de 
Periodismo Investigativo, revealed how the governor, along with other 
high-ranking officials manipulated public opinion, using a “troll 
network” to discredit negative press coverage and criticism from 
opposition leaders.

The team sent messages through Telegram between late 2018 until January 
20 of this year that included sexual, misogynistic and homophobic 
comments from Rossello and other members of the that group.

The scandal triggered the resignation of two Rossello’s top officials on 

     From ENDI live broadcast: Legendary Puerto Rican
    activist/stuntman/folk hero Tito Kayak climbed into a building's
    roof next to the Governor's mansion to unfold a banner, just got
    grabbed by police.

    — midnucas (@midnucas) July 14, 2019

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