[Pnews] After the deterioration of his health: the Israeli military court releases Palestinian detainee Waleed Sharaf

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  After the deterioration of his health: the Israeli military court
  releases detainee Waleed Sharaf.

February 12, 2019

Addameer lawyer stated today, Tuesday, February 12, 2019, that the 
Israeli military court has released the sick detainee, Waleed Sharaf, 
23-years-old, from Abu Dis, East Jerusalem. Sharaf was released due to 
his critical health condition, for which he was transferred to Asaf 
Harofeh hospital last week. Waleed Sharaf was arrested in June 2018 and 
was subjected to administrative detention for a period of six months. 
His sentence was renewed for another month in December 2018 and then for 
another five months in January. It was around the same time that he was 
exposed to a worsening in his health condition. He was then sent to 
al-Ramleh hospital. According to Addameer’s lawyer, the Israeli military 
court decided yesterday to postpone the court hearing regarding the 
renewal of Waleed’s administrative detention sentence to today, in order 
to review his medical file, before ordering his release today.

Continuous of medical negligence

The Israeli military court set the date of his court hearing on his 
administrative detention on February 4, 2018 claiming that his health 
has improved. On the other hand, “Physicians for Human Rights” issued a 
report declaring that Waleed’s medical situation was deteriorating. The 
medical organisation confirmed that the prisoner was suffering from 
serious damage in his liver as a result of not receiving the necessary 
treatment that he needed. Since his transfer from Ofer prison to 
al-Ramleh prison on January 6, 2018 and after his health conditions 
worsened, Sharaf didn’t receive any medical treatment until January 25, 
2018. When Addameer visited him on January 30, 2018, Waleed was still 
not diagnosed.  It was clear that there was a medical negligence by the 
occupation authorities. Sharaf, who suffers from a rare skin disease is 
compelled to continuously take medicine. This caused him a liver damage 
during the time of his arrest, which exacerbated due to the lack of 
medical attention. Waleed remains in Asaf Harofeh hospital until today.

Systematic Policy

At the same time that Addameer holds the Israeli occupation authority 
and the administration of Israeli detention centers full responsibility 
for Waleed Sharaf’s medical condition and life. It reaffirms that the 
Israeli occupying force continuous and systematic policy of medical 
neglect of Palestinian prisoners constitutes a severe violation to their 
basic human rights, guaranteed under international humanitarian law and 
international human rights law. It is particularly a violation of the 
Fourth Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time 
of War, the International Convention against Torture of 1948, which was 
ratified by the occupying power in 1991, the Standard Minimum Rules for 
the Treatment of Prisoners of 1955, and the Body of Principles for the 
Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention of Imprisonment of 
1988. Addameer calls upon all relevant international organizations, 
especially by the International Committee of the Red Cross to assume 
their responsibility for ensuring the safety of the Palestinian 
prisoners and their right to health care and medical attention. 
  Addameer also calls upon the High Contracting Parties and the 
international community to pressure the occupying power to guarantee and 
ensure the termination of its medical negligence policy against 
Palestinian prisoners and detainees and to respect the prisoners’ right 
to health care and access to treatment.

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