[Pnews] Palestinian Prisoner Enters 100th Day of Hunger Strike Protesting Administrative Detention

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  Palestinian Prisoner Enters 99th Day of Hunger Strike Protesting
  Administrative Detention

December 28, 2019

Palestinian prisoner Ahmad Zahran has entered the 99th day in his open 
hunger strike to protest administrative detention, under which Israeli 
authorities can hold detainees for months or years without charge or trial.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said in a statement on December 25 that 
Zahran’s health condition is deteriorating dangerously: he has lost 30 
kilograms and he is currently kept at Ramleh prison clinic.

As renowned journalist, Ramona Wadi wrote in The Palestine Chronicle 
last August:

    “The collective efforts at stifling their voices, even to the point
    of murder through torture and medical negligence, is provoking an
    oblivion which is tantamount to a loss of identity, at least when it
    comes to perception from the outside. With the exception of
    Palestinians in close proximity with Israeli forces, who spares a
    thought for Palestinian prisoners before they are turned into
    temporary headlines by Israel’s colonial violence?”

Zahran, a father of four from the village of Deir Mash’al in Ramallah, 
has spent a total of 15 years in Israeli prisons for resisting the 

/(The Palestine Chronicle, QudsN, Social Media)/

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