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December 2019 Medical and Legal Update
*Dear Friends and Comrades –*

Dr. Shakur received a diagnosis of life-threatening bone marrow cancer in
October, 2019. Until now, he has requested that this information be kept
private. For over a year he had experienced pain in his bones, but he was
not even x-rayed until April 2019. Although the prison doctor probably
suspected cancer and called for a CT scan, the scan was delayed for four
months. After a year of delay, we know now that Mutulu is suffering from
extensive painful bone lesions, caused by a rapidly growing bone marrow
cancer. He is 69 years old, and aging in prison after 33 years of
incarceration. In 2014, he suffered from a stroke, which required several
months for recovery. He has high blood pressure, high cholesterol,
diabetes, and vision problems from glaucoma. We fear for his survival and
his life.

Dr. Shakur's legal team has filed a compassionate release petition, because
now Dr. Shakur's very survival depends on his release. He meets the
conditions for compassionate release under federal law. He is a recognized
advocate for human and civil rights who poses no danger of committing any
crimes against anyone. As evidenced by widespread support for his parole,
he will be welcomed back into a community that will also provide for his
financial and medical support. *However, on December 5th he was denied
compassionate release by the Central office of the BOP. He is currently
receiving chemotherapy, but the BOP has not told him or his lawyer the
exact type of treatment he is getting.  He has been able to talk with his
newest lawyer Mark Kleiman and may receive a family visit from his son.
Most importantly, Mutulu says that he is managing the treatment and his
spirit is strong.*

Our next steps are two-fold: Mutulu will petition his original judge, Judge
Haight in the Southern District of New York, to modify his sentence so he
can be released immediately based on his current medical condition. Dr.
Shakur also has a habeas petition in front of Judge Wilson in federal court
in Los Angeles, detailing the parole commission's abuse of discretion
through their politically-driven denials of parole. We will move to
expedite that petition based on the newest information about his
life-threatening medical condition.

Please send letters of support and love to Mutulu at Victorville:

Dr. Mutulu Shakur #83205-012
Victorville USP
P.O. Box 3900
Adelanto,CA 92301

We are asking his comrades and supporters to give money for medical, legal
defense, commissary, and more. The quickest way to send financial support
is through the Family and Friends of Mutulu Shakur paypal
to mutulushakur.com and click on the red and white DONATE button in the
right sidebar if this direct link doesn't work).

*For your contribution to be tax deductible*, FFMS has a partnership
with Community
Aid and Development
(cadnational.org) that allows for tax deductible donations via the Paypal
button on their website. For a check or money order to be tax-deductible,
make it payable to CAD, and send to P.O. Box 361270, Decatur, GA 30036-1270
with "FFMS" in the memo line.

At Dr. Shakur's request, we are not creating a public campaign for his
release at this time.  We will update this information as we move into
federal court.

— Family and Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur
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