[Pnews] On the 43rd day of his hunger strike: the health status of the prisoner Huthaifa Halabiya continues to deteriorate

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  On the 43rd day of his hunger strike: the health status of the
  prisoner Huthaifa Halabiya continues to deteriorate

August 13, 2019

Addameer’s lawyer was able to visit the prisoner Huthaifa Halabiya 
Today, Monday 12 August 2019, who is in isolation in “Ramleh Prison 
Clinic” and has reached day 43 of his hunger strike today.

The lawyer reported that Huthaifa came to visit her in a wheelchair with 
his hands and feet in chains despite his health condition. Huthaifa 
cannot drink water and is suffering from severe pain in his head and 
stomach, shortness of breath and the constant need but inability to 
vomit. He reported that he has begun to feel cramps throughout his body, 
especially in his hands, feet, and tongue and suffers from severe 
dizziness and nausea that makes him unable to stand or walk. In 
addition, he suffers from insomnia and can only sleep 3-4 hours a day. 
He was taken to Kaplan hospital by ambulance where he underwent blood 
sugar, pressure, and pulse tests and was given salt intravenously. The 
entire time that he was in the hospital, his hands and feet were handcuffed.

Huthaifa reported to Addameer’s lawyer that on Thursday, the “Yamaz” 
Unit, an Israeli special forces unit, broke into his cell, searched and 
vandalized his contents, cursed and yelled at him, dumped the water and 
salt he was supposed to take on the ground, and threatened him to stop 
his strike with complete disregard for his dangerous health condition as 
he is in the second month of his hunger strike.

It is worth noting that when Huthaifa was arrested on 10 June 2018, it 
was just a few months after he got married. His wife gave birth to his 
daughter Majdal while he was in administrative detention, and his first 
and only child is now 6 months old and has never met or seen her father. 
Huthaifa has only seen pictures of her that his family members bring 
when they can visit him in prison. He has now entered his 14^th month in 
arbitrary administrative detention. After entering the open hunger 
strike, Huthaifa was denied family visits and for 43 days, he has had no 
contact whatsoever with his family.

Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association is concerned and 
warns about the seriousness of the prisoner Huthaifa Halabiya’s 
deteriorating health status on the 43^rd day of his hunger strike. 
Addameer also strongly condemns the raid carried out by the special 
units on Huthaifa’s cell and the accompanying violations against the 
rights of a prisoner on hunger strike to achieve his legitimate demands. 
The occupation authorities’ actions operate in contrary to all 
international conventions and norms. Addameer calls upon the 
international community and the signatories to the Fourth Geneva 
Convention to put pressure on the occupying power to stop the abuses 
against Huthaifa and immediately release him since his health has 
severely deteriorated as well as to end the policy of arbitrary 
administrative detention.

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